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David Mitchell, PhD.

Chemistry leadership for pharmaceutical drug design, development and manufacturing.
Certificate # 971
DMIT Consulting Services, LLC
382 NE 191ST ST; #66831
Miami, FL 33179
Phone #: 317-794-4260
Cell #: 317-794-4260

DMIT Consulting Services, LLC, provides expertise leadership to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical industries. Primary focus is drug product synthesis design, development and optimization from discovery milligram lead to multi-ton commercial manufacturing.

Industrial Experience:

DMIT Consulting Services, LLC; Naples, Florida. Established 2018, Principal

Eli Lilly and Company, Indianapolis, IN.  Small Molecules Design and Development.  Research Advisor (2004 – 2017); Senior Research Scientist (1998-2004), Research Scientist (1994-1998), Senior Organic Chemist (1989-1994). Primary duties include the design and development of synthesis methodology for pharmaceutical products from discovery to commercial manufacturing. (28 years)

Procter and Gamble Company, Miami Valley, Ohio. Summer Intern. Assisted in the improvement of the potato chip flavor of a particular salted snack.  Summer Intern, 1984. (10 weeks)

Burroughs Wellcome Company, Research Triangle Park, NC.  Summer Intern. Design new method in the multigram synthesis of a drug to be used in early phase clinical trials.  Summer Intern, 1983. (10 weeks)

Hess Oil Company, St. Croix, US Virgin Islands. Quality Control Laboratory. Apprentice. Responsibilities included the application of basic qualitative tests used in oil refinery.  CoOp and Summer Intern, 1980. (2 years)

Specializing In:

Specific services provided include the following categories:

1)  Pharmaceutical project management leadership

2)  API evaluation, practical design, development and optimization

3)  CM&C program leadership and regulatory affairs

4)  Medicinal chemistry and process chemistry SAR development interface

5) Process chemistry synthesis design, development and optimization stewardship

6)  Synthesis interface with engineering, analytical chemistry and manufacturing

7) Regulatory oversight with IND, NDA (FDA, EMA and global regulatory agencies)

8)  CMO selection, relationship oversight and general management

9)  Due diligence for partnering or acquisition of pharmaceutical products

10) Academic, government and professional societies scientific collaboration

11)  Expert witness for litigation in the legal profession

Society Memberships:

American Chemical Society
Chemical Consultants Network

Patents and Publications:

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