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Albert Goldstein, Ph.D.

Consulting Chemist : Specialist in Polymers and Hydrophilic Resins
Certificate # 489
Goldstein Associates
P. O. Box 88
Adelphia, NJ 07710
Phone #: (732) 780-7171

Providing Chemical Consulting and Laboratory Assistance to the chemical and related industries: Process, Product and Application Development. Areas of specific expertise: Rubber and Synthetic Elastomer applications, Hydrophilic Polymers (Hydrogels), Biomedical Applications, Specialty and Water-soluble polymers. General product formulation.


B.S. Rutgers University, 1951
Ph.D. Cornell University, 1954

Previous Experience

General Foods Corp., Research Chemist, food flavors, 1954-55; Catalin Corp. of America, Research Chemist, acrylic resins, antioxidants, 1955-59; Chemirad Corporation, Chief Chemist, ethylenimine, polyethylenimine, aziridine derivatives, paper and textile treatment, 1959-65; Devro Division, Johnson & Johnson, Senior Scientist, collagen processing, hot-melt coatings, food processing, 1965-69; Hydron Laboratories, National Patent Development Corp., Director of Develop- ment, acrylic resins, organic coatings, 1969-71; Venture Chemical Co., President & Technical Director, specialty organic chemical manufacture, 1971 – ; Hydrocote, Inc., Technical Director, hydrophilic resins and applications, 1982-92; Vanguard Research, Inc., Director, 1987 – ; hydrophilic resins, medical specialties; Hydrogelix, Inc. President & Technical Director, 1992 – current:- hydrophilic resin manufacturer; Hydro Slip Technologies, Inc., President, 1992 – current: hydrophilic resin applications.

Technical Societies

American Chemical Society, ASTM

Publications & Patents

U.S. and foreign patents on Ethylen-imine chemistry, hydrophilic resins, surgical gloves, latex coating processes. Published papers on cycloal-kane synthesis in J. Am. Chem. Soc. and Organic Syntheses; “Alkylenimine Polymers” chapter in Encyclopedia of Polymer Science and Technology; “Ethylenimine” chapter in Encyclopedia of Basic Materi-als for Plastics; “Ethylenimine Chemistry”, Chemirad Corp.

Listed In

American Men and Women of Science


2 Chemists, 2 Technicians, additional personnnel as required.

Laboratory Facilities

Equipment for organic syntheses, polymerization, product analysis and formulation; analytical and scale-up equipment available as required.

Scope of Activities

  • Contract Research,
  • Process Design and Development,
  • Product Analysis and Formulation,
  • Specialty Manufacturing for: organic chemicals, specialty polymers,
    adhesives, medical specialties and coatings.

Engaged In Consulting Practice Since



Biocompatible Polymers & Coatings; Hydrophilic and Specialty Polymers; Epoxy and Acrylic Resins; Coating Applications; Selection and Design of process equipment; Quality Control procedures.