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James L. Manganaro

Certificate # 961
Anasyn LLC
44 Dodds Lane
Princeton, NJ 08540
Phone #: 609-924-2750
Cell #: 609-933-9606

Consulting chemical engineer with experience in industrial chemicals in virtually all phases of process research and development from conceptualization, economic valuation, laboratory and pilot development, optimization, plant design, startup and operation. New opportunity and acquisition evaluation. Biofuels development.

Education & License:

SB MIT (Chemical Engineering); SM MIT (Chemical Engineering); PhD RPI (Chemical  Engineering); PE New Jersey

Scope of Consulting Activities:

Areas of Expertise • Biofuels • New process conceptualization • Economic and competitive evaluation • Process & product development and design • Mathematical simulation • Heat transfer, mass transfer • Use of ‘Fluent’ CFD code • Microreactor technology • Hazard analysis • Separation technology (including protein separation) • Environmental remediation • Process equipment: solids handling, kiln, crystallizer, drying, spray drying, electrostatic precipitator, electrochemical cells Products Worked On • Oxidizers (hydrogen peroxide, persulfates, peracetic acid) • Elemental phosphorus, phosphates • Sodium carbonate • Caro’s acid • Aerogel • Lithium compounds • Adipic acid • Organophosphates (flame retardants and plasticizers) • Barium and strontium chemicals • Chlorinated cyanurates • Biofuels • Tantalum compounds • Silica catalysts


Industrial chemical producers, solar cell manufacturers, biofuel and renewable fuel research, government agencies.

Previous Experience:

Presently consulting with Stevens Institute of Technology in biofuel (algae) process development, 30 yrs as principal engineer with FMC Corporation (R&D Center at Princeton, NJ), assistant prof. of chemical engineering at Manhattan College, researcher at General Electric R&D facility in Schenectady, NY.

Engaged in Consulting Practice Since:

January 2000


Many publications in peer reviewed journals on heat and mass transfer, environmental treatment, protein separation, biofuels, 19 US patents.