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Kelvin B. Domovs

Certificate # 820
22 Dayton Road
Morris Plains, NJ 07950
Phone #: (973) 267-2241


B.S. (Honors) Chemistry, Brooklyn College, 1947.
Graduate courses, Polytechnic Institute, Brooklyn: Organic, Polymer, Physical, Analytical, Inorganic.
Professional courses: Spectrometry (IR; MS; AA), Chromatography (LC; GC),QA/QC, Organic, Polymer, Organic, Thermal Analysis, Chemical Engineering, Biochemistry, Protein Analysis, Drug Design, Management.

Scope of Activities:

*Environmental analysis (NJDEPE-certified): water, wastes, soil.
*Inorganic, organic and polymeric materials: identification, analysis, formulation, synthesis, physical and durability testing, and research, e.g., on food, drugs, coatings, plastics, rubber, additives, biocides, metals, ceramics, concrete, textiles, microcapsules.
*Product,process and patent development
*Literature searches, writing, editing, translation.
*Legal evidence and depositions.

Laboratory Facilities:

Spectrophotometers (FTIR, UV/VIS, AA, GFAA, Mercury); Specific-Ion Analyzers; Chromatographs; Incubator; ultra-pure water system; pumps; extractors (TCLP; Soxhlet); membrane filters; centrifuge; benches, hoods and apparatus for general analysis and synthesis; 1600 sq. ft

Previous Experience:

Solved hundreds of diverse problems for clients (analysis, testing, formulation, process development). Responsible for most projects and innovations. Formulated/developed food, cosmetics, detergents, wax, coatings, paint, sealants, lubricants, pesticides, plastics, resins, electrical encapsulants, rubber, thickeners, cigarette filter, metal etchant, coated, laminated, fireretardant, crease-resistant and dyeable textiles. Synthesized commercial narcotic, fungicides, antioxidants, rust inhibitors, edible and shampoo emulsifiers, humectant,carbohydrate
complexes, hydrogenated oil, monomers, polymers,chelate, sulfonated and macrocyclic compounds. Invented/applied manufacturing processes: size-exclusion, ion-exclusion (membrane) and ion-retardation chromatography, ion exchange, extraction (food product), protein purification, microencapsulation. Microencapsulated for sustained or controlled release: biocides, drugs, foods, flavors, cosmetics, ink, oil, water, first commercial microencapsulated insecticide. Employers: consulting labs, Kraft/General Foods, Pennwalt, J.P. Stevens, Henkel, NL Industries.

Publications and Patents:

Twenty. Most results remain unpublished and unpatented.

Technical Societies:

American Chemical Society

American Institute of Chemists (ex-Councilor).