How other clients have benefited:

In Drug Discovery:
—– Several chemical series were prioritized according to their potential to yield drug-like leads for an anti-cancer target
—– The binding mode, structure-activity relationships and likely sites of off-target binding were elucidated for two leading chemical series
—– Predicted off-target binding was experimentally verified for several key cross-reactivity sites

—– Testing strategies were designed and implemented for efficient prioritization of new compounds and minimization of off-target interactions
—– New analogs with improved selectivity for the desired target were identified
—– Patent applications were carefully written, Examiner concerns were addressed and patents were issued.
In Drug Development:
—– Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls (CMC) documents were provided in support of Investigational New Drug Application (IND), New Drug Application (NDA), and postapproval change filings
—– Chemistry concerns raised by regulatory agencies were successfully addressed; one drug received U.S. marketing approval
—– Technical challenges were solved in active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) synthesis
—– API manufacturing costs were reduced
—– Toxic and environmentally hazardous chemistry was eliminated from an API synthetic process

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