• “Hydrogen Storage” guest lecture Whatcom Community College physics class, Spring 2010.
  • “Hydrogen Storage Materials” guest lecture Western Washington University chemistry class Winter 2010.
  • “Development and Characterization of Complex Hydrides using Novel Techniques,” invited presentation at ASME Energy Nanotechnology International Conference, Santa Clara, California, 2007.
  • “Exploration of Mixed Metal Hydride Materials,” presentation at Study of Matter at Extreme Conditions conference, Miami Beach, Florida, 2007.
  • “Mixed Metal Complex Hydrides,” presentation at Regional ACS Meeting, Augusta, Georgia, 2006.
  • “Designed Synthesis of Extended Solids: Synthesis of Novel [(NbSe2)m(CrSe2)n] Superlattices Using Modulated Elemental Reactants,” presentation at Materials Science Institute Timberline Conference, Timberline Lodge, Oregon, 2003.
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