A non-profit membership organization serving the chemical consulting needs of prospective clients and its members since 1928.

logohomeThe Association of Consulting Chemists & Chemical Engineers (ACC&CE) is a self-selected group of scientists and technologists, mainly chemists and chemical engineers, offering consulting services on technical, business development, and legal problems.

Areas of expertise span chemical process design, plastics/polymers, cosmetics, regulatory and legal affairs, catalysis, combustion, photochemistry, petrochemicals, adhesives, and biology and related disciplines.

Visitors are invited to search and browse members’ pages.

The purposes of the organization are to offer prospective clients a “Consultant Help Inquiry” service which they can use to find the most qualified consultants or team of consultants to solve their particular problem, and to furnish support to its members as they conduct their consulting practices.

If you need to FIND A CHEMICAL CONSULTANT, you may search our member directory to find those consultants who are especially qualified by training and experience to assist in solving your problem.

ACC&CE attracts qualified PROSPECTIVE MEMBERS who assist their clients in creating and using chemical and engineering knowledge, technology and allied skills.