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Consultant Member Websites

J. Stephen Duerr, Ph.D., P.E., CPC www.chemlabconsulting.com Certificate #592
Ronald Zager www.chemconsultants.com Certificate #742
James R. Divine, PhD, PE, FNACE www.chemmet.com Certificate #769
Edward Richman, PhD www.richmanchemical.com Certificate #778
Richard L. Schauer, Ph.D. www.schauerassociates.com Certificate #811
Bruce McLaughlin www.lifetimereliabilitysolutions.com Certificate #847
Bernard Ennis, P.E. www.egtgroup.com Certificate #860
David M. Manuta, Ph.D., FAIC Manuta Chemical Consulting, Inc. Certificate #882
Joseph V. Porcelli www.jvporcelli.com Certificate #906
Randy E. Meirowitz www.rndtechnicalsolutions.com Certificate #917
Mark J. Blackman, PhD, CGBP www.markjblackman-inc.com Certificate #931
John M. Wetzel, Ph.D. www.wetzelconsulting.com Certificate #943
John Fetzer www.johnfetzerphd.com/ Certificate #945
Charles D Leonard, CIH https://cleonard.net Certificate #946
Kameswara R. Upadrashta, PhD www.pradinc.com Certificate #948
Alfred A. Sagarese, PE, CMC Forrestal Consultants Certificate #955
Anne-Marie Rossmeisl amrossmeisl.wixsite.com/amrossmeislconsult/ Certificate #962
Norman Sammons www.doctornorm.net/ Certificate #965
Vincent Fuschetti www.aptchem.com Certificate #970
John Francis Miller, PhD Enlighten Scientific LLC Certificate #973