Alfred A. Sagarese, PE, CMC

Forrestal is a consultancy focused on helping clients build strategic knowledge both in the USA and Internationally -- and traces its history to 1966. Today, it is composed of senior consultants that have worked together since 1981. We serve clients in the chemicals (speciality, fine and inorganics), and food ingredients, materials (concentrates, polymers, plastics, advanced metals).
Certificate # 955
Princeton Forrestal Village, P. O. Box 3225
Princeton, NJ 08543
Phone #: 609-448-3834
Visit our website: Staff are based in Princeton, London, Tokyo, San Paulo, Mumbai, Geneva and Paris. Staff are active in many associations including ACCCE, ACS, SAMPE, Societe de Chimie Industrielle, CCN, IFT and IMC, Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Profesionals, SPI, ASME and AIChE. We are officers and board members. All hold 2 degrees in engineering or sciences and masters degrees in business. Associates hold PhDs. In industry, most have worked for Fortune 500 companies and each have 20 years of consulting experience.

Scope of Activities

Industry Expertise

Forrestal Consultants LLC provides expertise in a variety of industries

  • Advanced materials, alloys and metals
  • Automotive [tier-1 and tier-2 suppliers]
  • Chemical [specialty, fine and pharmaceutical]
  • Construction products and building materials
  • Electrical products, components and devices
  • Equipment [process, metal fabricating]
  • Food additives and processing
  • Healthcare
  • Instrumentation [electronic, medical, control]
  • Telecommunications