Could you use:

  • Better marketing of your services
  • A way to network with other consultants
  • Help in becoming an even better consultant
  • A real presence on the “web”
  • Enhanced acceptance as an ethical source of information

If so, the Association of Consulting Chemists & Chemical Engineers Inc. can be a valuable tool for you

As a member you get help in marketing your expertise:

  • By marketing the Association’s skill base to potential clients using an interactive and searchable web site,
  • With a membership directory that provides details about all our members
    • Education and training
    • Industrial experience
    • Scope of consulting activities
    • Publications and Patents
    • Areas of specialization
  • With an active Clearing House to process inquiries and refer them to all active members

As a member you have an instant network of friends and associates:

  • Fellow members
  • Other similar groups
  • Information gathering ability in many disciplines
  • Links to trade associations and scientific societies
  • A regular Newsletter with current information about the members and their activities
  • Joint meetings with other consultants
  • Laboratory contacts and shared services with other members

As a member you become a better consultant because we offer:

  • A mentoring program that provides experienced counseling for new members
  • Training and skill development programs as part of the regular meetings
  • Fellow members who want to help you and will network with you

As a member your meetings feature speakers on subjects you need to know:

  • Tax laws and the consultant
  • How to be a good expert witness
  • Idea generation techniques
  • Types of consulting contracts
  • Selling your services to clients
  • Case histories of assignments
  • The hidden costs of consulting

As a member you become part of our web site

  • Contains general information about the organization and a full information sheet on each active member
  • A communication link to the Association office for:
    • Members
    • Prospective members
    • Clients seeking help
  • Searchable data base of membership skills and areas of expertise

As a member you will help validate your credentials as a professional:

  • All new members sign an ethics statement and practices are routinely reviewed
  • Members can use the Association Seal and name on stationery and brochures

The Association also operates a Clearing House for prospective client inquiries

When a prospective client contacts the Association office about a specific consulting need or possible assignment, this information is immediately sent to all active members by e-mail or FAX. Members are then able to offer the client their services in a timely manner.

The client contracts directly with individual consultants for their services. There is no charge to the client for using the Clearing House service.

ACC&CE Membership Classifications

  • Regular Membership is open to qualified individuals who earn a major portion of their professional incomes by providing consulting services.
  • Affiliate Membership is available to members no longer active in the consulting field. They have all the privileges of regular members except voting and holding office.

What is ACC&CE ?

Founded in 1928, it is a non-profit association of consultants serving the chemical and related industries with expertise based on a wide variety of technical and business knowledge

An organization that continues to grow and serve its members using a net-based searchable membership directory that is marketed to potential clients.

Our members provide clients with knowledge and help in many fields

Business Operations Aerospace
Automotive Analytical
Environmental Coatings
Expert witnesses Chemicals
Litigation support Oil & Gas
Laboratory testing Cosmetics
Facility cost estimating Fertilizers
Manufacturing Formulations
Marketing Health care
Metallurgy Medical
Patents and intellectual property Organic chemicals
Sales Plastics
Power generation Equipment evaluation
Management Pharmaceuticals
Polymers Printing
Product development Industrial gasses
Process optimization Regulatory compliance
Technology operations Strategic Planning

We serve the chemical and related industries with innovative and practical solutions for their problems


To learn more about membership and how to use our services in your business activities:

Visit our web site:

Or e-mail us at:

Or FAX us at: 1-908-464-3182

Or write us at: ACC&CE, 514 Corrigan Way, Cary, NC 27519

Or call us at: 1-908-464-3182

And attend one of our meetings

We can help you become a better consultant now!