About ACC&CE

The ASSOCIATION OF CONSULTING CHEMISTS AND CHEMICAL ENGINEERS was founded in 1928 by a group of distinguished chemists who felt an acute need for an association that would advance the practice of consulting chemists and chemical engineers, and which would include consultants who would conform to the highest principles of professional conduct.

ACC&CE continues to this day as the only organization of its kind and constantly attracts to its membership qualified technical consultants of all kinds who assist their clients in creating and using chemical and engineering knowledge and technology.

Members of the Association are qualified chemists, chemical engineers, or other technical specialists presently engaged in consulting practice in fields closely allied to chemistry and chemical technology, and for whom consulting is their principal income-earning activity. Application to membership is open to anyone. Applications are reviewed by a governing Council, which considers the applicant’s background, credentials, and references and then votes on admission to membership. Council may revoke membership when the Association’s high standards are not maintained.

Members of the Association Council are elected by the membership to serve three-year terms. Elected Officers serve as an Executive Committee to guide the affairs of the Association. The needs of members and prospective clients are served by the Association’s office (514 Corrigan Way, Cary, NC 27519), telephone (908) 500-9333;  where the office staff maintain and use the information about the members and their specialties, including the professional resumes of our members, to answer inquiries and give guidance in the field of chemical consulting. Requests for referral of qualified consultants for a specific task are handled by the CONSULTANT HELP INQUIRY service without charge or obligation.

Membership in the Association brings benefits beyond referrals of client inquiries. New members, or members challenged by a new kind of assignment, receive help and guidance from fellow members acting as colleagues. Periodic meetings bring members together and offer additional opportunities for members and guests to learn from and advise one another. Those members who cannot attend the meetings are kept in touch by frequent newsletter distributions. From time to time the Association organizes seminars and workshops of interest to the membership and guests.

ACS sponsors a Professional Liability Insurance program for consulting chemists through Hays Companies. For more information and to apply, please visit the program dedicated website  https://acs.haysprograms.com/   Please also note, if you receive a quote and it is acceptable, you will need to provide ACS membership information before coverage can become effective.

Similarly, a Professional Liability Insurance program for consultants who are Chemical Engineers or AIHA members is offered by Alliant Insurance services:  https://aiche.alliant.com/ and https://aiha.alliant.com.

The ASSOCIATION OF CONSULTING CHEMISTS AND CHEMICAL ENGINEERS is a non-profit membership corporation chartered in 1928 under the laws of the State of New York.