Members of the ASSOCIATION OF CONSULTING CHEMISTS AND CHEMICAL ENGINEERS share a serious commitment to high standards of consulting. Every member has signed that he or she subscribes to the Association’s Code of Ethics. In essence, this code may be summarized as follows:

In his or her relationships with clients, a member should:

  • Serve the client’s interests in a professional manner.
  • Render accurate and conscientious services, under the terms of any verbal or written agreement with the client.
  • Disclose no proprietary or secret information gained from association with the client without the client’s consent.
  • Avoid conflicts of interest with and among clients.
  • Request compensation for services rendered commensurate with the amount, quality and special nature of the work.

In his or her relationships with other consultants, a member should:

  • Treat other professional consultants with fairness and courtesy.
  • Be helpful and supportive to other consultants.
  • Support and contribute to high standards in the practice of consulting as a profession.

In his or her relationships with the public, a member should:

  • Refuse to be connected with any illegal work.
  • Demonstrate by example that consulting is a valuable and useful part of society.
  • Aid and support efforts to advance knowledge of chemistry, chemical engineering, bioengineering and related fields and the application of this knowledge to practical purposes.
  • Support projects and causes that are in the general public interest where the expertise of the consultant is relevant.
  • Expose and oppose all errors and frauds within the range of his or her special knowledge and skills.

Anyone concerned with the professional conduct of a member should bring the matter to the attention of the Association where it will be referred to the Professional Welfare and Ethics Committee for resolution.