Roger Tietze

Roger Tietze is a technical consultant and co-owner of PART Consulting LLC. PART consulting offers technical and marketing support services for firms in the composite and chemical industries. Roger’s specialty is the formulation of various thermosetting resin chemistries to meet customer performance criteria and the need for applying the formulation to the customers manufacturing processes. Roger has been involved in the composite, electronics, adhesives, coatings, and other thermosetting applications. Roger has managed various roles in research & technology, customer service technical support; and in engineering for manufacturing. His more than 30 yrs. of industrial and chemical background along with numerous inventions and papers have established him as an expert in the thermosetting formulation industries.
Certificate # 980
PART Consulting LLC
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Conroe, TX 77384
Phone #: 281-798-3475
PART Consulting is a technical consulting firm that provides technical and marketing support to firms on thermosetting chemistry and its many applications in industry. Our expertise includes epoxy resin chemistry as well as bismaleimides, polyurethanes, polyimides, polyesters, benzoxazines, and other thermosets. PART Consulting has over 60 years of combined composite formulation and resin manufacturing experience, we have worked for and learned from some of the leading companies in their field. Because of our extensive expertise in all thermoset resin and composite part manufacturing, we have 15 patents, 21 product introductions, 4 qualifications of product, 2 major chemical plant expansions, ex-patriot experiences, numerous audits, and due diligence. You and your business will benefit from our knowledge and experience in R&D, application testing, analytical testing, qualifications of products, bringing products to market, and our proficiency in market evaluation.


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