Marvin DeTar

Consulting Research and Development Chemist
Certificate # 910
Molecular Technologies, LTD
1880 Ridgewick Dr.
Wickliffe, OH 44092-0094
Phone #: 440-944-8140
Cell #: 440-488-2326
Clients: Cosmetic Ingredient Supplier, Detergent Manufacturer, Formulation House, Law Firm, Lubricant Manufacturer, Medicinal Chemistry Company, Pharmaceutical House, Other Consulting Chemists Successful Projects: Green Chemistry, Emulsion Stability, Competitive Product Analysis, Structure Proof, Process Improvement, Chemical Analysis, Test Method Development, Molecular Motors, Technology Development, Problem Solving

Specializing In:

Polymer chemistry, alkylation reactions, analysis, emulsion stabilization, formulation, inhibitor, inorganic, literature, medicinal, metathesis, multi-step organic, organometallic, patent, photochemistry and synthesis chemistries.


PhD, Chemistry, University of Vermont, Burlington, VT, 1978.
MS, Chemistry, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, 1973.
BS, Chemistry, University of Illinois, Urbana, IL, 1971

Previous Experience:

Molecular Technologies, LTD. Consulting services and chemical R&D 1999-Present.

–Perform technology transfer; synthesis and quality control of fine chemicals, polymer synthesis and polymer modification. Improve multiple component products.
–Perform intermediate and product analysis, equipment and testing validations, insert manufacturing procedures, do personnel and process audits.
–Select project targets, perform literature, patent and database searches, plan synthetic routes, perform analytical procedures, purify and test products.

Star Bronze Company, Inc., Research Associate, 2003-2005; International Lubricants, Inc. Director of R&D, 2000-2001.

Engaged in Consulting Practice Since:

Consulting For: Coatings Client, Cosmetic Ingredient Manufacturer, Detergent Manufacturer, Law Firm, Liquid Crystal Company, Lubrication Manufacturer, Medicinal Chemicals Firm, Pharmaceutical House, Fine Chemicals Manufacturer, Other Consulting Firms.

Publications & Patents:

Eight US patents covering polymer chemistry, emulsifiers, specialty lubricant additives, catalysts and catalysis and ten publications covering fine chemical, multi-step organic and organometallic chemistry toward strategic pharmaceutical intermediate syntheses.

US 6,340, 659 B1 January 22, 2002, Jody A. Kocsis, Sheri L. Blystone, Ewa A. Bardasz, Marvin B. DeTar, Metal Salts of Lactones as Lubricant Additives, Assigned to The Lubrizol Corporation, Filed December 13, 1995.

US 6,265,360 B1 July 24, 2001, Marvin B. DeTar, Richard M. Lange, John S. Manka, Compositions Containing Wax Modifiers, Assigned to The Lubrizol Corporation, Filed Nov. 12, 1999.

US 5,986,155 November 16, 1999, James Burrington, Stuart L. Bartley, Douglas C. Rhubright, Paul A. Lewis, Marvin B. DeTar, Alicia L. Kliever, Frank A. Del Greco, Lawrence T. Novak, Catalytic Process for Making Highly Reactive Alkylating Agents and Products Resulting Therefrom, Assigned to The Lubrizol Corporation, Filed July 10, 1996.

US 5,707,946 January 13, 1998, Gregory L. Hiebert and Marvin B. DeTar, Pour Point Depressants and their Use, Assigned to The Lubrizol Corporation, Filed April 8, 1996.

US 5,620,949 April 15, 1997, Mark R. Baker, Marvin B. DeTar, Condensation Products of Alkylphenols and Aldehydes, and Derivatives Thereof, Assigned to The Lubrizol Corporation, Filed December 13, 1995.

US 5,441,653 August 15, 1995, William K. S. Cleveland, Paul E. Adams and Marvin B. DeTar, Two-Stroke Cycle Engine Lubricant and Method Using Same, Assigned to The Lubrizol Corporation, Filed August 9, 1994.

US 5,407,500 April 18, 1995, John W. Forsburg, Richard W. Jahnke, Richard M. Lange, Marvin B. DeTar, Salt Composition and Explosives using Same, Assigned to The Lubrizol Corporation, Filed December 6, 1993.

US 5,336,439 August 9, 1994, John W. Forsburg, Richard W. Jahnke, Richard M. Lange, Marvin B. DeTar, Salt Compositions and Concentrates for use in Explosive Emulsions, Assigned to The Lubrizol Corporation, Filed August 8, 1991.

Pending Patents:

20030224952 Process for reacting large hydrophobic molecules with small hydrophilic molecules.
20050026799 Water-based paint stripper.

Non-Equivalent Foreign Filing (Example)

AU-B-80786/87 September 25, 1987, George Robert Hill, Steven A. DiBiase, Marvin Bradford DeTar, Assigned to The Lubrizol Corporation, Filed October 2, 1986 under priority 914382 (United States of America).

Scope of Activities:

Consultation, research, development, synthesis, market research, literature studies, formulation and procedure development, and custom synthesis. Industrial experience includes lubrication additive, lignin and cellulosics polymer, metathesis, pharmaceutical, rubber, plastic and polymer, oil seed, emulsion, and adhesive chemistries. Chemical, physical and test analysis by a wide variety of methods. Technical advisor.

Technical Societies:

American Chemical Society
American Oil Chemist’s Society
American Section of the Société de Chimie Industrielle
Chemical Heritage Foundation
American Association for the Advancement of Science.