Mark J. Blackman, PhD

Chemical electronics, instrumentation, process control and laboratory technology. Scientific Instrument Design and Support; Alternative Energies; Chemical Product and Services Export; Hazardous Materials Handling and Transportation; Presentation, Instructional Course or Seminar Design and Implementation.
Certificate # 931
Mark J. Blackman, Inc.
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Oswego, IL 60543-7315
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We assist companies with chemically related challenges, alternative energy, and other environmental solutions. We are also experienced in security and forensics. Dr. Blackman has been a community policing volunteer and sworn officer. As such, he is familiar with police operating procedures and equipment. We offer special rates and extended support for police and related public service agencies. We are experienced in synthetic fuel production and alternative energies such as biomass, photovoltaic and thermal solar. We also partner and offer referrals in areas such as electric power generation. We can also assist solving other environmental problems. We have over 40 years of experience in chemical instrumentation; laboratory technology and industrial measurement and process control. We are successful as advisors in the areas of chemical facility, product and process security and hazardous materials consulting. Our Specialty Scientific and Technological Section provides custom solutions for unique and difficult scientific problems. • Solutions to difficult challenges • International and domestic hazardous materials advisors • Environmental consulting services • Alternative energy consulting services • Trade development program administration • Team builders offering a wide range of high quality professional services and associates to provide complete "one stop" solutions to complex problems • • Course designers known for quality development and implementation of traditional and web-based programs • Trainings, courses and presentations internationally recognized as extensive, effective and instructional.

Scope of Activities

We assist companies with chemically related challenges, alternative energy, other environmental solutions specializing in chemical electronics, instrumentation, process control and laboratory technologies.

We are your cost-efficient partner specializing in consulting to a wide range of chemical and export  related industries. Our diverse professional affiliations facilitate support team building to offer total solutions to complex challenges. Our promise is to provide superior solutions at fair prices for our clients. “Quality, timely, cost effective and secure service” is our mission statement.  Many organizations consider us their on demand support team.