Bernard Ennis, P.E.

Projects & Technologies for the Power & Process Industries; Litigation and Insurance Claims; Design & Build Chemical Process Research Units
Certificate # 860
601 W Rosemary St. #414
Chapel Hill, NC 27516
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MISSION STATEMENT: Provide projects and technologies to the power, oil and gas, and chemical industries.

EGT is committed to assisting clients who add value to natural resources.

Services are undertaken, equipment deployed, and products delivered to provide optimal benefit to its clients, to society, and to the environment.

Projects have included plant inspections for state-of-the-art, safety, and environmental compliance; accident & explosion investigation and expert witness & litigation support; insurance claim support for property damage and business interruption valuations; power & hydrocarbon processing technology assessments; engineering contractor bid review, et al.

Create, identify, and commercialize patented and proprietary technology; provide development services to inventors, universities, and research institutes; offer licenses; performs feasibility studies, project development and management; investor project management, etc. Design, build, and operate chemical process research facilities.

Advisory responsibilities have included:
Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Ministry of Planning and Investment with reference to research and development facilities and projects; and;
a developing African nation with reference to its agricultural and petrochemical industries.


Mr. Ennis has served the Supreme Court of the State of New Jersey for many years analyzing cases involving attorney ethics and then participating as a voting panelist with senior attorneys during the related hearings.

Representative Engagements:

No. 1: Led an engineering team evaluating Lump Sum Turnkey Bids for an ethylene manufacturing complex on behalf of plant owners.

No. 2: Led an engineering team evaluating proprietary process and equipment technology associated with Enhanced Oil Recovery.

No. 3: Led an engineering team evaluating proprietary technology for carbon black manufacture.

No. 4: Led an engineering team evaluating piping failures in a high temperature chemical reaction furnace for an insurance company.

No. 5: Led an engineering team evaluating alleged under-performance of an ethylene plant. Assisted attorneys in real-time depositions.

No. 6: Led an engineering team in India evaluating a chlor-alkali plant process and equipment with respect to state of the art and safety.

No. 7: Provided cause and origin analysis to an attorney with respect to chemical reaction mechanisms regarding an incident with exploding swimming pool chemicals.

No. 8: Led an engineering team evaluating proprietary technology using hydrocarbon emulsions to improve fuel combustion.

N0. 9: Performed business interruption valuation for a fully integrated chlor-alkali complex affected by a hurricane.

No. 10: Led an engineering team and was deposed after developing a cause and origin analysis for an equipment failure in a partial oxidation reactor system in an industrial gas plant.

No. 11: Provided engineering analysis and opinion to attorneys with reference to a power plant fire, and was deposed.

No. 12: Provided conceptual engineering and design to investor group developing an oil refinery and petrochemical complex in Republic of Haiti.

No. 13: Performed ISO 9000 internal audit for an engineering/construction company.

No. 14: Led a business and engineering analysis team evaluating on behalf of investors the technical feasibility and economics of relocating an ammonia plant from U.S.A. to Africa.

No. 15: Led a business and engineering analysis team investigating consequential damage impact of a cogeneration plant shutdown on a fertilizer manufacturing complex.

No. 16: Provided laboratory services and opinion to attorneys litigating a fire, and was deposed.

No. 17: Provided cause and origin analysis for a runaway chemical reaction resulting in a high-pressure high-velocity release of hazardous industrial chemicals in a large specialty chemicals manufacturing facility.

No. 18: Provided property damage valuation for an insurance company with reference to an incident at a university’s advanced biochemical laboratory.


Licenses & Equipment Systems Available:

Engine Gasification Technologies:  A family of proprietary high-efficiency, low-investment total energy conversion processes and systems to transform carbonaceous matter into olefins, fuel gas, synthesis gas, hydrogen, and electricity.

Electric Reaction Technologies:  A family of patented and proprietary electric chemical reaction processes and systems for production of hydrogen, carbon blacks and other chemicals.

Carbon Capture with Power Generation:  A patented process and equipment system integrating Electric Reaction Technology Systems and Carbon Fueled Fuel Cells with Gas Turbine Systems for electricity production enhancement, electricity storage with selective dispatch, and with inherent 90+% capture of carbon dioxide as a pure product.

Licensed Professional Engineer:

No. 39354 (Texas)
Member – Attorney Ethics Committee, Supreme Court of New Jersey (2007-2014)


B.S. Chemical Engineering, Villanova University, 1965
M.S. Chemical Engineering, Villanova University, 1967

Corporate History:

ABB Lummus Global, Inc. (1989-1993) (now CB&I Inc.) Vice President, Advanced Engineering; Vice President, Technology Operations

The M. W. Kellogg Company (1967-1989) (now KBR, Inc.) Technology Development Manager, Manager of Basic Engineering, Manager of Furnace Engineering, Project Manager, Project Engineering Manager, Process Manager, Process Engineer


Utilize specialist colleagues as needed.

Scope of Activities:

Expert management and litigation support; expert insurance claim support; plant inspections and safety and explosion evaluations; power generation; gas processing; oil refining and petrochemicals; ethylene and olefins; synthesis gas, hydrogen, ammonia and methanol; chlorine and chlor-alkali; fine chemicals. Chemical process technology development and marketing.