Bruce McLaughlin

I am a Comprehensive Risk Abatement Consultant focused on enterprises not yet locked-in to asset management cultures dominated by heavily marketed, media glamorized risk abatement strategies such as Six Sigma. Target enterprises include small to medium sized manufacturing, medical and service businesses as well as relatively new industries such as Wind and Solar. Complex fossil fuel technologies are also included in the focus because they need comprehensive risk abatement and not incremental solutions to narrowly defined problems.
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Lifetime Reliability Solutions
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Phone #: (864) 430-2695
I provide stand-alone consulting in several domains including but not limited to: • SOP documentation having Target, Tolerance and Test for an Accuracy Controlled Enterprise • Predictive Maintenance with Precision Principles • Strategies for reducing both failure frequency and failure consequence • Diagnostics and remedial measures for unusual corrosion phenomena • Diagnostics and remedial options for metallurgical anomalies • Integrated Consulting Services • Refining and Chemical Process Industry Risk Assessment • Refinery Failure Prevention and Materials Reliability Assurance • Wind Turbine Reliability Optimization • Due Diligence for Wind Farm Development • Due Diligence for Wind Farm Acquisition Investment


My academic teaching experience includes serving as Associate Professor of Physics and Mathematics at North Greenville University and as Adjunct Faculty at Southern Wesleyan University during the period 2001 – 2005. In addition, I participated in corporate training while serving as a technical manager for Mobil Oil Corporation during the period 1982 – 1995. I also held the designation “GLG Educator” as a consultant with Gerson Lehrman Group and gave periodic seminars on wind energy to groups of investors. I have decades of experience in
Engineering Technology Management at Mobil Oil and GE and as President of RERC. I am currently serving as Regional Managing Director of Lifetime Reliability Solutions which specializes in the “Enterprise Wellness Way” comprehensive risk abatement strategy.


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Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Kettering University
Master of Engineering, Materials Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Doctor of Science, Materials Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Areas of Expertise:

CONSULTING Enterprise Asset Management Comprehensive Risk Abatement Matrix Management of Risk Reliability Theory and Practice Lean Optimization P-M Analysis ACE 3T QMS Reliability Optimization Maintenance Planning and Staffing Requirements Refinery Materials Reliability Assurance Assessment Refinery Failure Prevention Refining and Chemical Process Industry Risk Abatement Wind Turbine Reliability Due Diligence for Wind Farm Development Due Diligence for Wind Farm Acquisition Investment SOP Preparation Metallurgy Corrosion Electrochemistry

TRAINING Reliability Theory and Practice for Engineers (4 Days) Refinery Corrosion Control and Materials Selection (3 Days) Wind Turbine Reliability and Checklists for Investors (1 Day) Root Cause Analysis (1 Day)

Professional Societies:

Institute of Physics, Full Member
Association of Consulting Chemists and Chemical Engineers
National Association of Corrosion Engineers
American Chemical Society

ASTM International
Electrochemical Society

Significant Achievements:

o GE Global Employee Awards and Recognition Certificate
o Mobil Research and Development Corporation Technology Award
o Six Sigma Green Belt
o “Method for Reducing Turnaround Time of Hydroprocessing Units” Patent 5,258,116.
o “Preparation and Application of Anticorrosive Additive in Amine Systems” Patent 5,472,638.
o “Water Washing to Remove Salts” Patent 5,656,152.
o “Intermittent Water Washing to Remove Salts” Patent 5,656,151.
I am a proven manager with substantive accomplishments in materials science R&D, a history of hands-on plant experience and several decades as a teacher, trainer and mentor in science, engineering and mathematics.