Cemal Ercan, Ph.D.

Chemical Engineering, Process Development, simulation, modeling, R&D.
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Cemal Ercan Consulting
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Chemical Engineer, who has more than 25 years experience in oil, gas and petrochemical industries, provides consultation on process development, scale-up, design, simulation, techno-economic analysis & optimization, reactor design and modeling, catalyst development and kinetics, research proposal evaluation, research idea, data analysis, kinetics, catalyst evaluation, research direction etc.


Aug. 2005 – Jan. 2017Research Science Consultant, R&DC, Saudi Aramco, Dhahran, SA.

Worked as a Deputy Program Director for Downstream and Strategic Research Programs, and Supervisor of Process Development Group.

Aug. 2001 – Aug. 2005:  Chief Engineer & Scientist. ConocoPhillips-Tech. Dev., GTL Group, Ponca City, Oklahoma, USA.

Led the Syngas Team within GTL Program for the development of synthesis gas process based on millisecond residence time catalytic partial oxidation of natural gas.  Also actively participated in the development & commercialization of ConocoPhillips’ GTL process.

Jan. 1999 – Aug. 2001:  Senior Res. & Dev. Eng., Syntroleum Corp.,Tech, Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA (developer of a GTL technology to produce synthetic fuels, lubricants, and chemicals).

Manager for the projects on Slurry Based Fischer-Tropsch (FT) synthesis and Product Upgrading which were the integral part of Synthroleum’s GTL process development.

1991 – 1999:  Principle & Senior Process Dev. Eng., ABB Lummus Global, Inc., New-Jersey, USA (leading licensor of proprietary petrochemical, refining, gasification, and gas processing technologies, and the supplier of proprietary catalyst and related engineering).

1987-1991: Research Associate & Postdoctoral Fellow, McGill University & Pulp and Paper    Research Institute of Canada, Montreal, Canada.

Typical Process Involvement

  • Petrochemicals: C2-C4 paraffin dehydrogenation, steam cracking, C2 oxy-dehydrogenation, aromatic alkylation (cumene, ethyl benzene), p-xylene from heavy naphtha, light hydrocarbon partial oxidation (n-butane to maleic anhydride (ALMAR process), natural gas to synthesis gas), ethylene oxide, C4-C5 paraffin isomerization.
  • Refining: hydrocracking & hydro-isomerization (fuels & lube production), reforming, FCC, hydrogenation, residue upgrading, gasoline alkylation (AlkyCleanR Process), C7+ paraffin isomerization, reforming, Claus process and tail gas treatment.
  • Natural Gas: natural gas utilization (chemicals & fuels), upgrading (removal of N2, CO2, H2S, dehydration), adsorption based storage, Claus process and tail gas treatment.
  • Synthetic Fuels & H2: Gas to Liquid (GTL) processes for fuels, lube and chemicals; Fischer-Tropsch (FT) synthesis, syngas & hydrogen production (through catalytic partial oxidation & gasification).
  • Have synthesized & developed many novel catalysts and adsorbents, designed and scale-up novel reactors for petrochemical, oil and gas industries.


McGill Univ., Montreal, Canada, PhD in Chem Eng.
Middle East Technical Univ., Ankara, Turkey, MSc in Chem Eng.
Middle East Technical Univ., Ankara, Turkey, BSc. in Chem Eng,