Heather A Wahab, Ph.D., D.Sc., FBU

Consulting Chemist
Certificate # 953
Heather A Wahab, Ph.D.
123 N 3rd Street, Unit O
Camden, NJ 08102
Phone #: 973-462-2745
Cell #: 410-297-0205
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Chemical Consulting, laboratory assistance and custom development offered to industry, academia and government. Seventeen years’ experience as Chemistry Professor in the field of organic, physical, inorganic, general and analytical chemistry. Experienced Chemist specializing in materials analysis industry and industrial problem solving to manufacturing clients. Services include materials quantitative and qualitative analysis, practical application of chemistry towards solving technical problems, compound design, synthesis and evaluation using UV/VIS, IR, MS and NMR spectrometers, literature surveys, new product development.

Industrial and Pharmaceutical Chemistry Expert


Construction products and building materials.

Materials, alloys, and metals.

Food additives and colors.





BS in Chemistry, Tanta University, WES, New York, NY

MS in Organic Chemistry, Tanta University, WES, New York, NY

Ph.D. in Chemistry, Rutgers University, USCES

D.Sc. Physical Chemistry, International Agency for Standards and Ratings 2022

D.Sc. Physical Chemistry, British National University of Queen Mary, London England, 2023.

D.Sc. Chemical Sciences, Prowess University USA, 2023.

D.Sc., Chartered Fellow (FBU), Chemistry, Ballsbridge University, 2023.



Chemistry in Industry & Academia, Volume 1, Amazon Publishing

ISBN#: 978-1915904447

Link to book details and to purchase the book: https://www.amazon.com/Chemistry-Industry-Academia-HEBAH-ABDEL-WAHAB/dp/1915904447

Specializing In:

Expert Witnessing/Litigation, Applications of spectroscopy, structure and bonding, and thermodynamics to solve commercial/industrial challenges. Application of thermodynamics, kinetics, spectroscopy, structure, and bonding to solve commercial, industrial, and pharmaceutical problems.

Engaged In Consulting Practice Since:


Typical Consulting Opportunities

Examples of some recent consulting engagements:

For an Investor-Researched the request and formulated an effective new product. Recommended a safe amount of chemicals to be used in the formula, and recommended preservatives that would work with the formulation. Recommended flavors for the formulated product.

For a startup company producing tablets– Researched the request and recommended amounts of reactants to produce the maximum yield of the desired product. Recommended binding agents, and recommended apparatus for start-up production, and large-scale production

For an Insulator Producing Company– Researched the request. Determined the reason behind the product off-gassing and recommend alternative chemical compounds to improve the product and prevent/minimize the off-gassing.

For a Jewelry Start Up Company– Researched the request. Found treatment chemicals to improve the color of the stones and recommend methods of production of the improved colored stones.

For a Leading Technology Innovator & Supplier of Integrated Products- Researched the request. Determined the type of chemical compound that meets a unique certain criterion for private use.

For a Start-Up Commercial and Business Company- Researched the request. Identified the chemical methods, tools, and processes used to identify precious metals for industrial processes. Determined the methods used to extract precious metals from electronic devices.


Previous Experience:

Chemistry Adjunct Professor at Delaware County College – current and previously at the following Institutions (2022):

Fairleigh Dickinson University, Madison NJ
Saint Peter’s University, Jersey City NJ
Cumberland County College, Vineland NJ
Passaic County College, Paterson NJ
Temple University, Philadelphia PA
Gwynedd Mercy University, Gwynedd Valley PA
College of Staten Island, Chemistry Dept., Staten Island NY.
New Jersey City University, Jersey City NJ
Widener University, Chemistry Dept., Chester PA.
Bergen Community College, Physical Science Dept., Paramus NJ.
Wagner College, Chemistry Dept., Staten Island NY.
Monmouth University, Department of Chemistry, Medical Technology and Physics, West Long Branch NJ.
Middlesex County College, Chemistry and Physics Dept., Edison, NJ.
William Paterson University, Chemistry Dept., Paterson NJ.
Kean University, Chemistry Dept., Union NJ


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Consulting Affiliations:

Association of Consulting Chemists & Chemical Engineers, Inc.

Chemical Consultants Network

Book Chapter Publications

1. Progress in Chemical Science Research, Vol 1, Chapter 12.

ISBN-13 (15): 978-93-5547-709-5 (Print), 978-93-5547-710-1 (eBook)


2. Current Topics on Chemistry and Biochemistry, Volume 3 Chapter 3.

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3. Research Aspects in Chemical and Materials Sciences Vol. 2, Chapter 4.

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 4. Progress in Chemical Science Research, Vol 4, Chapter 3.

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5. Research Aspects in Chemical and Materials Sciences Vol. 3, Chapter 4.

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6. Research Trends in Medical Sciences, Volume 19, Chapter 7,

ISBN 978-93-5570-408-5 (Print)




Professional Society:

American Federation of Teachers; New York State United Teachers


General laboratory, analytical, testing, and processing facilities available as required