Joseph V. Porcelli

General and Technology Management Consulting to the Process Industries; Expert Witness and Litigation Support; Advice on developing and commercializing new chemical processes and catalysts
Certificate # 906
JVP International, Inc
102 Lincoln Street
STATEN ISLAND, New York 10314
Phone #: 718-494-1275
Cell #: 917-912-9804
A technology and general management consulting practice, incorporated in January, 2001. Major areas of activity include expert witness and litigation support, and furnishing advice and technical analysis for organizations developing new catalytic or process technologies. Other consulting assignments have dealt with all aspects of general management, as well as R&D planning and management, process and catalyst technology evaluation, technology licensing in and out, patent analysis, mergers and acquisitions, market studies and strategic planning.

Previous Experience:

1988-2000, Scientific Design Company, Inc., President and CEO
1987-1988, ChemSystems, Inc., Director – Process Evaluation/Research Planning (PERP)
1960-1987, Halcon SD Group, Inc., President, Vice President Technology, Vice President and General Manager – Catalyst Development Corporation subsidiary, Technical Director – Research and Development, Director of Development, Development Engineer.


A.B. Columbia College, 1955 B.S., M.S., D. Eng. Sci. in ChE, Columbia Engineering School, 1956, 1958, 1963 M.S. in Business Policy, Columbia Business School Executive Program, 1978

Typical Assignments:

Since forming JVP International, Inc. in 2001, examples of some recent consulting engagements are: • For underwriters – investigated the cause(s) of a catalytic reactor problem at a plant overseas producing a major petrochemical product. • For a small biomass to chemicals firm – consulted in finding a catalyst testing organization that screens catalysts, investigated types of catalysts to be tested and their likely sources, and reviewed patents for derivatives of the target bio-based product. • For a team of venture investors evaluating a possible investment in a catalyst invention – reviewed the status of research, and evaluated the likelihood of technical and commercial success. • For a startup company developing a novel catalyst for producing a major petrochemical product – reviewed the status of research and recommended the R&D path forward, • For a major U.S. multinational chemical company – served as an expert witness in a supply agreement dispute with a European-based multinational chemical company involving petrochemical intermediates. • Audited status of R&D program and readiness for commercialization of a new process technology, being developed by a major international energy and chemical company, and made recommendations for the completion of development work.. • For an emerging U.S. developer of innovative chemical reactor technology – did process simulations, economic modeling, evaluation of research results and advice on directions for future development and commercialization of a new technology for production of a major petrochemical intermediate. • For a major international chemical company – performed technical audit and evaluation of new technology being developed by a U.S. startup company involving a novel catalyst for the production of a major petrochemical product. • For a foreign developer of biocatalytic processes for the production of major chemical intermediates – performed economic and market studies for several target petrochemicals.

Area of Expertise:

~Expert witness experience and litigation support, particularly for cases dealing with catalysts, and with process technologies utilizing catalysts.

~Heterogeneous catalyst research and development manufacture and global sales.

~Catalyst and petrochemical process research, development, global licensing and technology transfer.

~Catalyst and process technologies for ethylene oxide, ethylene glycol, ethylene and propylene glycol ethers, ethanolamines, propylene oxide, styrene, methyl methacrylate, ethoxylates, polyether polyols, oxo chemicals, ethyleneamines, maleic anhydride, 1,4-butanediol, hydrogen peroxide, acetic acid, acetic anhydride, formic acid, formaldehyde, nitric acid, methanol, on-purpose propylene, Fischer-Tropsch, chemicals, plastics and fuels from biomass, process intensification and microreactor technology.

~Patent and Intellectual property portfolio and infringement analysis.

~Commercialization of new catalyst and process technologies.

~Economic evaluations and modeling of process technologies.

~Product portfolio and business analysis and evaluation; research and development management.

~Due diligence support for technology and business acquisitions and divestitures.

~Competitive analysis.

~Strategic planning.

Technical Societies:

AIChE ACS Societe de Chimie Industrielle Chempharma