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Businesses and doing businesses as - Wet Welding - Field Welding - EOR Liquid Oxygen Process - New Engine Performance Motor Oil - Water Swirled into Gas Turbine Tech
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Len Andersen
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Patents and Publications

My patents are five in welding, two in petroleum, one in lubrication, two issued 8,671,696 9,376,933 and one pending in smoke stack , internal combustion engines , Gas Turbine Technology ( Total 11 ) . My background includes +20 years membership in www.spe.org ( two papers ) / www.aws.org one paper . In petroleum, I have liquid oxygen injection patents and experience.

United States Patent 3,871,315, Andersen March 18, 1975,  Device for salvaging metal objects and salvaging method. Abstract:  A submersible device for use in salvaging metal objects comprises a magnetized metallic housing containing compressed thermite suitably sealed from the water. The housing in lowered on cables until its magnetic field causes contact with the object to be salvaged. The thermite may be ignited by a voltage applied to a wire which is returned to the vessel from which the housing is deployed. When the thermite ignites, it produces a molten metal which burns through the bottom of the housing and forms a weld between the housing wall and the surface of the metal object to be salvaged. The object may then be raised by pulling on the cables supporting the housing.

United States Patent 4,062,485, Andersen December 13, 1977, Exothermic welding device, Abstract: Exothermic welding device for welding to a surface underwater includes a Thermite charge surrounded by a movable inner casing abutting a plate. The plate includes magnetic or other means for attaching the device to the surface to be welded. Urging means force the Thermite melt through the surface. The urging means disclosed are a weight, spring, or pressure system arrangement. An outer housing surrounds the inner housing and urging means, and joins the plate. The device may be used for underhand or overhead welding, or to a vertical surface.



Gas Turbine Engineer. The new technology has been developed with water into a flow of hot gas in a swirling pattern most recently with a focus on internal combustion engines, fired boiler stacks and, water swirled into gas turbines combined cycles for more fuel efficiency. Beyond more fuel efficiency there is pollution control of PM 2.5 and PM 10 particulate in coal firing etc.. Since 2009 3 Patents and presentations at ASME Power Energy, Mar 19 / Dec 4 ASME South Texas Section Technical Chapter 2017 and at Turbo Expo 2019 Phoenix

Welding Inspector CWI Engineer – Since August 2014 Buildings Shops Etc. New York City and Ohio

Journalist Media 23rd World Petroleum Congress Houston 2021 world-petroleum.org and 30 years of such as accredited journalist.   I covered all the World Petroleum Congress www.worldpetroleum.org events for last +20 years as an accredited journalist.

Construction Project Manager – Engineer October 2000 to May 2014 – Welding Man / Geotechnical Engineer ( LU 1556 practical ) at NYCDOT Division of Bridges – Review of drawings of bridges, field inspection of bridges, doing inspection at the facilities that produced heavy welded and bolted steel assemblies for bridges. The projects which participated in were in the range from 100 million USD to 700 million USD. Last 20 years I have spoken Chinese every day at work. Worked in Spanish language in Mexico, Spain etc., and Arabic in the Saudi Arabia for near a year, Norwegian in Norway etc. for about six months and worked in the Russian language.


SEC Registered Representative ( Stock Broker) Qualified Security Training Corporation NYC trained

BSChE ( BS of Chemical Engineering ), University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona

Diploma in Marine Diving, National Polytechnic College of Engineering and Oceaneering, Wilmington CA

Laboratory Facilities and Equipment

Press / Machine Lath / Light manufacturing machinery