Randy E. Meirowitz

Consulting Chemist and Surface Scientist
Certificate # 917
RND Technical Solutions, Inc.
18285 High Mesa Court
San Diego, CA 92127
Phone #: 858-675-9385
Fax #: 858-675-9385
We provide solutions to technical, managerial and intellectual property problems. Start-up to Fortune 100 companies in personal care, textile, pharmaceutical, and forest products industries have been helped to financial benefits. Expertise in surface and colloid science, polymers, absorbency, and materials overcomes technical hurdles in all stages of R&D. Experience in strategic planning, process and project generation, staffing, team building, project management and risk assessment provides for managerial successes. IP successes are in patent strategy, infringement analysis, and due diligence.

Scope of Activities:

We provide problem solving that overcomes technical hurdles in all stages of R&D and yields cost reductions or revenue increases. This work is done in the following areas:
We assist, streamline and improve all phases of product development including invention, development, scale-up, validation and transfer to manufacturing. Also in general management including team building and staffing with diverse labor forces, process definition, development and implementation, gap analysis and project portfolio generation, project management and tracking, strategic project or disruptive technology identification.
Expertise in the following technical areas is offered surface and colloid science, absorbency, polymers, fibers/textiles. This expertise has been successfully applied across the following industries personal care, textile, pharmaceutical, contract research, and forest products. The specific problem type that has been solved includes surface modification, solubility, fluid movement, molecular design from structure property relationships adhesion/release, cleaning/soiling, foam/antifoam, solution/emulsion stability, absorbency, printing, wetting, dyeing, textile/fabric processing.
Intellectual Property:
The most successful Intellectual property areas include development and execution of patent strategy and protection of trade secrets, coordination of infringement and right to practice situations, technical due diligence for mergers and acquisitions, fund raising, strategic alliances, joint ventures and developments, as well as expert witness, risk assessment.


PhD, Chemistry – Boston University, Boston MA – 1983.
BA in Chemistry – Boston University, Boston MA – 1978.
Minor in Biology – Cum Laude.
Army Materials and Mechanics – Visiting Professor (Post Doc) – 1984.
Polymer Chemistry – Research Center, Watertown MA

Technical Societies:

Royal Society Of Chemistry – Fellow & Chartered Chemist.
American Institute of Chemistry – Fellow.
American Chemical Society (A.C.S.) – Member.
* Polymer section.
* Surface Science Section.
* Analytical Section.
American Association Of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC) – Senior Member.
Voting member of RA-63 “Water Resistancy, Absorbency and Wetting Agent Evaluation Test Methods Committee”.
Association of Consulting Chemists and Chemical Engineers – Member.
Technical Advisory Committee Member for the Textile Research Center.
Linked-In – “top 5% most viewed profiles”

Previous Experience:

Nextec Applications Inc., -Vista CA 1997 – 2003.
Advanced materials manufacturer utilizing patented polymer encapsulation technology serving the medical, industrial, military and consumer markets .
Vice President, Chief Technical Officer Reporting to president and CEO, responsible for all technical aspects of company including: Research and Development, Intellectual Property, Corporate Training, Outreach.
* Spearheaded technology development, validation, and commercialization for early stage start up company resulting in development of process, controls, equipment, quality control tests and product specifications.
* Extended technology across multiple product platforms and line extensions, which took the company from zero to $10 million in revenues.
* Built, planned and managed R&D, corporate training, outreach, laboratory services and intellectual property.
* Led effort to mount 4 challenges against patent infringement resulting in successful completion of all challenges.
* Developed tests and proof of performance demonstrations for validating the technology, including 3 test methods submitted to scientific governing bodies.
* Established processes and procedures including new product development process.
* Performed as technical expert for all technical corporate problems (R&D, manufacturing, quality, trouble shooting).
* Headed outreach effort to grow worldwide technology acceptance through presentations, publications, customer contact, and media interview in U.S., Asia, and Europe.
* Worldwide customer and supplier interactions for technical issues. Establishment and completion of joint research projects. Required extensive travel to Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, China and Europe.
Waters Corporation – Milford MA 1994 – 1997.
Analytical instrumentation company developing instruments and media for chemical separations serving the pharmaceutical, chemical, and research communities.
Director of RD&E.
Reporting to Vice President and General Manager of the Chemical Products Division. Duties included research, development, engineering, product scale-up and transfer to production, trouble shooting, Strategic business and technology planning.
* Directed of 30 scientists providing research, development and engineering.
* Developed and managed capital and operating budgets and 5-year technology plan.
* Management of human resources including: staffing, career development, training, safety programs, salary planning.
* Development and execution of workforce reduction program.
* Completed successful scale up for most successful product launch in company history.
* Completed transfer to manufacturing of 5 new product line extensions.
* Conceived and Co-invented sample preparation media, which resulted in 5 US patents and an IR 100 award.
Kimberly-Clark Corporation 1988 – 1994.
Personnel care products company specializing in products centered on absorbency and highspeed manufacturing.
Research Manager – Roswell GA 1993 – 1994.
Reporting to Vice President of Nonwovens products and technology development. Responsible for development, scale-up, transfer to mill and technical support for all surface modifications.
* Direction of 22 scientists providing research, development, implementation and support for nonwoven finishing including wettable and repellant treatment, printing and bonding.
* Management and technical leadership for the development and commercialization of fiber and web finishing chemistries and processes.
* Coordinate development and commercialization efforts with Engineering, Operations, Sector groups and customers to ensure achieving near and midterm business objectives.
* Administer Human resource development program within and across department (s) and sector(s), to support short and long-term individual growth and business needs.
* Development of business objectives and strategies by working with Business units, R&D Units, Engineering and Operations.
Associate Res. Fellow, Manager, Research Manager – Neenah WI 1988 – 1993.

* Directed research effort of 19 scientists (9 PhD) on number one problem of a 2 billion dollar per year business.
* Developed and implemented team vision and goals consonant with business needs.
* Prepared operating and capital budgets and forecasts.
* Drove Absorbent Technology Patent Strategy Steering Committee.
* Organized strategic staffing and recruiting, including all chemistry and physics recruiting.
* Initiated, developed, and/or transferred multiple projects to scale up/commercialization.
* Invented surface modification techniques and chemistries that have the potential to save $5
million per year.
* Designed and conducted basic and applied research on chemistry and physics of surfaces.
* Counseled on technical feasibility and business practicality of programs and projects.
* Conceived and developed creative solutions in fluid transport and surface modifications.
* Awarded 10 patents for surface science.
University of Wisconsin Green Bay – Green Bay WI 1991.
Adjunct Lecturer.


Issued, Published
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1. “Outstanding presentation” Textile Coating and Lamination Conference “Microencapsulation” 2011.
2. UCSD Connect Award (Finalist) – “Most Innovative New Product of 2004” General
Technology – PetriTech Inc. 2011
3. R&D 100, “Oasis HLB 96 Well Extraction Plate” 1999.
4. UCSD Connect Award – “Most Innovative New Product of 1998” General Business – Nextec Applications Inc. 1998.
5. DoD SBIR Phase I (Army 98-156) FY98.2 “Precision Placement of Thin Polymeric Silicone Films within Fabrics” 1998.
6. Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry / Chartered Chemist 07/04/1997.
7. “Cleaning solvent for Polyester” Trade Secret Award (Albany International Research Company) 1987.
8. “Method for Determination of Deformation of a Liquid Sphere by a Solid Surface at a Liquid or Gaseous Interface” Trade Secret Award (Albany International Research Company) 1986.
9. Polaroid Research Fellow 1982.
10. Boston University Teaching Fellow and Staff Scholarship 1978 – 1982.