William E. Swartz

Certificate # 835
William E. Swartz
11 Remington Circle
West Windsor, NJ 08550-2922
Phone #: (609) 897-7913
Fax #: (609) 897-7953
Specializing in commercial development; project evaluation and control; food ingredients marketing; regulatory affairs, and clearances at FDA and USDA; food process improvement techniques; sales organization evaluation and development; phosphate chemistry; training in marketing, sales, and technology; food safety and HACCP.


B.S. Chemical Engineering, Bucknell University, 1954
B.S. Industrial Management, Carnegie Mellon University, 1957

Technical Societies:

American Institute of Chemical Engineers, American Chemical Society, Commercial Development Association, American Marketing Association, Institute of Food Technologies, Chicago Drug and Chemical Association.

Previous Experience:

1954-56, PPG Corp., Process Development Engineer; 1956-59, Private business; 1959-68, Hagan Chemicals & Controls/Calgon Corp., Development Engineer, Manager, Food Products Division; 1968-76, Merck & Co., (Merger), Nutritional and Medicinal Products Department Merck Chemical Division, Market Manager, Field Sales Manager; 1976-87, Stauffer Chemical Co., (Acquired), Product Manager, Industry Manager, Marketing Manager, Director of Marketing for Food Phosphates; 1987-95, Rhone-Poulenc Inc., (Acquired) Director of Marketing for Food Phosphates, Director of Technology, Food Ingredients Division (Worldwide Management Team).

Publications & Patents:

22 patents covering food processing, food products, control equipment, food safety.

Scope of Activities:

Commercial Development; Marketing and Sales Management; Technology Management; Project Evaluation and Control; Food Processing; Food Ingredients Application and Marketing; International Food Ingredients Marketing and Technology; Regulatory Affairs in the Food Ingredients Areas.

Specializing In:

Team approaches to commercial development; marketing and licensing of use of process patents in customer products and processes; specialty chemical marketing and market evaluation; food ingredients applications; regulatory affairs and clearances at FDA and USDA;  process improvement techniques; sales organization evaluation and development of sales personnel; food industry (meat, poultry, seafood, baking, prepared foods, frozen foods); evaluation of market potentials for new products and concepts; unique method of project
evaluation and control, focused approaches for improved management of marketing, sales, and technology; phosphate chemistry and process development; training and presentations in marketing, sales, and technology areas; food safety assessment and HACCP approach to reducing risks; presentation techniques.