1998: Past Meetings

The following is a summary of previously held meetings in 1998 listed in reverse chronological order.
November 24, 1998 Topic: Competitive Intelligence and the Role of the Chemical Consultant
Patricia Lorenz, Ph.D.
Information Research & Analysis
Exxon Research & Engineering Co.
Competitive technical intelligence is becoming an important function in many research organizations. One indication of this is the tremendous growth in membership in the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) in the last five years. A successful competitive intelligence program includes:
a. Collection of information in the public domain (published literature, patents, conferences).
b. Distillation and analysis of this information.
c. Delivery of key points to senior management.
The chemical consultant can play a key role in each of these steps. The consultant is in a unique position to objectively analyze critical information and make recommendations to senior management that will have an impact on the research planning process.
Pat Lorenz began her career at Exxon Research & Engineering Co. in 1965 after receiving her Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry from Polytechnic University. Pat’s career at Exxon has been devoted to managing information in a variety of areas. Pat is presently a Research Associate at Exxon’s Corporate Research organization in Clinton, NJ. She heads the Information Research & Analysis Group of advanced degree chemists and engineers. This group specializes in providing evaluated technical information to scientists, engineers, technical managers and planners, and patent searching for attorneys. Pat is also involved in Competitive Technical Intelligence activities.
October 27, 1998
Topic: “State of the Association”
Dr. Ernest A. Coleman, President of ACC&CEThe ACC&CE was incorporated in 1928 and this year marks its 70th anniversary.
Outgoing President Ernest A. Coleman will review his two year term as Association President with its accomplishments. The meeting will feature how the organization is changing and working for clients and members alike.
In addition, the membership survey committee, William Swartz, Efrem Zaret, and Peter Lantos, will report on the thoughts and ideas of the membership as reflected by their survey responses.
The response to the survey was unbelievable to anyone familiar with this type of information gathering. More than 71% of the active members returned their questionnaires. Typically a response of 20-30% is considered exceptional. Such a strong response certainly indicates our membership is very interested in the group. The report will provide the definition of a typical member of ACC&CE, and discuss how the Association has been meeting expectations and what is important to the group. The talk will also focus on future needs and opportunities such as expansion of the group. The committee will also do some interpreting and make some recommendations about how we might consider moving forward.
Come to the meeting to see for yourself where we are and where we might go. This is a great opportunity for you to learn about your Association.
September 15, 1998 Topic: “Networking”
Speaker: A representative of Drake Beam Morin, Inc.Networking continues to be the most effective way to discover employment opportunities. In fact, more professionals complete a successful career transition through networking than through all other methods combined. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, two-thirds of all jobs are located through word-of-mouth, informal referral, relatives, friends and acquaintances.

This presentation will focus on “What Is Networking?” as well as several “Networking Myths.” Critical insights and developing networking skills will be discussed.

Drake Beam Morin, Inc. is an outplacement firm with worldwide locations. They are committed to helping clients, customers and colleagues achieve success in the changing world of work.

June 23, 1998 Topic: “Technology, Patents and Trade Secrets”
Dr. Marta E. Delsignore, Esq. and Mr. Louis Sorell, Esq. of Baker & Botts, L.L.P., New York, N.Y. The protection and exploitation of technology is of vital importance to every size of organization, from large multinational companies to individual entrepreneurs. Tech-nology is typically protected and exploited via patents and/or trade secrets. This talk will focus on the interplay between patents and trade secrets, the advantages and disadvantages of each, and the steps required to achieving adequate patent and/or trade secret protection, especially in the area of chemical technology.
Dr. Marta E. Delsignore’s practice includes litigation, licensing and patent prosecution in the fields of chemistry, biochemistry and chemical engineering, including application drafting and communicating with the US Patent and Trademark Office. Dr. Delsignore received her B.S. in chemistry from the Polytechnic Institute of New York; her M.S. in Chemistry from Yale University; and her Ph.D. in Chemistry and her J.D. from Rutgers University. She was admitted to the New York State Bar in 1991 and the New Jersey Bar in 1990. She has been a member of the patent bar since Dec. 1987.
Mr. Louis S. Sorell specializes in client counseling regarding patent matters as well as patent litigation cases. The cases Mr. Sorell has recently worked on have involved the technologies in the areas of polyethylene catalysts, enzyme chemistry, textile chemistry, analytical chemistry, and medical devices. He was admitted to the bar in Connecticut in 1986 and New York in 1987. He holds two degrees in chemical engineering–a bachelors from Cooper Union and a masters from Georgia Institute of Technology. He received his J.D., cum laude, from Pace University. He was recipient of the Land Use Law Award from the American Bar Association Section of Urban, State and Local Government.
May 21, 1998 Topic: “A Success Story: Chronicles of a Consultant and Entrepreneur”
Speaker: Dr. David Armbruster
Joint meeting with the NJ Group of Small Chemical BusinessesThis meeting will have a dual theme–a case history “success story” on chemical consultancy and a farewell to the founder and outgoing seven-year Chairman of New Jersey Group of Small Chemical Businesses. Dr. David Armbruster will discuss the launching of his consultantship and its evolution into entrepreneurship, with special emphasis on his success strategies and the alliances that made the journey rewarding, both personally and professionally. His entertaining presentation will chronicle his business history for the educational value it can provide to other consultants and entrepreneurs.
Dr. Armbruster founded Armbruster Associates Inc. in 1982, following corporate experience in a variety of research, technical and marketing positions with Rohm and Haas and Celanese (now Hoechst Celanese). His firm serves worldwide clients with consulting services, R&D contracts, education programs and development and sale of UV curable products. His key expertise and specialization is radiation (UV/EB) curing/photopolymerization. In addition to the NJSCB (Chairman) and the ACC&CE (Vice President), he is a member of several professional organizations: American Chemical Society, RadTech Int., Federation of Coatings Societies and Licensing Executives Society.
Spouses and partners as well as non-member guests are invited to share in a marvelous evening of dining, learning and networking.

April 28, 1998 Topic: “Consulting in Chemistry: A Career, a Second Career, or a Retirement Activity?”
Speaker: Dr. Donald J. Berets

Joint meeting with the CHEMICAL CONSULTANTS NETWORK This presentation will be an informal overview of the way in which individuals can enter into and carry out consulting in the chemical industry. Some of consulting’s many aspects, including both the professional/technical and the business sides, will be discussed. Topics will include how to get started, where to get help, how much to invest, what expertise is most sought after, and what are realistic expectations for return. The roles of the ACS, ACC&CE, and other non-profit organizations will be covered. Emphasis will be placed on the desirability of cooperative efforts for marketing of expertise and networking. Some suggestions for how to be an effective consultant will be offered.
Dr. Donald J. Berets is currently a part-time volunteer Executive Recruiter at International Executive Service Corps, Stamford, CT. Since 1986, he has been president of The Chemists Group, a company that provides consultants and/or temporary employees to the chemical industry. In 1996, the operating functions were assumed by Dr. Ernest Coleman’s Technology Group. From 1949 until early retirement in 1986, Dr. Berets was employed by American Cyanamid Company in various laboratory and supervisory R&D;positions from physical chemist to Manager of Catalyst Research. ACS activities have included 28 years as Counselor, Western Connecticut Section, Chairman, Council Professional Relations Committee, and four years as Chairman, ACS Employment Services Committee.

March 24, 1998 Topic: “Putting A Price on Your Head”
William E. Swartz, member #835
Peter Lantos, member #597
Elliott Weinberg, member #637
John Bonacci, member #821
Peter Hay, member # 675

The panel speakers will be five experienced members of the Association. They will provide background information about several key areas that must be considered when setting consulting fees and dealing with clients.
The first presentation covers using a set fee for an overall project. Having used this method for many years, Dr. Peter Lantos will discuss this subject. The second speaker, Mr. Elliott Weinberg, will cover instances where fees are set on an hourly or daily basis. He will also suggest what fees are appropriate when a consultant provides expert testimony or legal support. Dr. John Bonacci, the third speaker, will outline the many overhead items and taxes that must be considered when setting your fees. John will also recommend methods that can be used to help collect fees from clients. Finally, Dr. Peter Hay will provide information about contracts and other arrangements to avoid problems with clients. Bill Swartz will serve as moderator of the panel, and conduct the question and answer session that follows.
This program is the first of a series to acquaint our newer members with common consulting procedures and approaches that can make their careers more profitable. The meeting will also provide an update for our experienced members.
Please consider attending and bring a friend who is now consulting or considering entering the profession.
February 24, 1998 Topic: “The Use of the Internet as a Business and Marketing Tool”
Dr. J. Stephen Duerr (#592) and Dr. Martin Goffman (#698) ACC&CE Internet Committee This presentation will focus on not only the use of the Internet as a business and marketing tool but more specifically why, as one of the member benefits, a member should have a listing on our web site (http://www.chemconsult.org). Details of the Association’s plans for the enhancement of our web site will be presented for discussion.
We feel that our web site must serve multiple purposes.
· A place for potential new members to obtain information about us as an association.
· A place where potential clients may ask chemistry related questions in the hope that one of our members may be willing to supply a simple answer. This area will help attract potential clients to our site for possible consulting opportunities. Security measures will ensure that only ACC&CE;members will have access to the submitters name and Email address.
· A place for current members to post business opportunities, subcontracting possibilities, and problems in running a consulting business. These postings may range from the best software or hardware for a particular application to the best entertaining venue for that “special” client.
· A “water cooler” section where people can just talk and socialize as if they were speaking at the water cooler in a large company common area. This may serve as a place where our members may relieve the feeling of isolation so commonly associated with the lack of contact with people by working alone from home. This area may also serve to help our members outside of the metropolitan area feel more a part of the organization and will help all of us to get to know one another and our special skill sets.
· A fully searchable member directory so that potential clients may search our database containing a complete scope of services sheet for each member. This electronic scope sheet will no longer be limited to a single page but could, in fact, be a mini web site for each member. The member will have access to change and modify their own synopsis.
· Links to each member’s own web site (for those having them).
· Links to popular web sites that our members frequent. This section of our site will include a discussion about site content, search instructions, and other related sites. An example would be the FDA or EPA sites which are quite comprehensive and have an enormous amount of data, but sometimes finding the specific information one needs is difficult.
· A page containing some of the “better” or at least the more popular search engines and instructions for use.
J. Stephen Duerr and Martin Goffman will present for discussion why a comprehensive web site makes sense for the Association and why we believe that increased business to our membership will result. Some funding methodologies will be proposed.
Finally, Martin Goffman will talk about the business that he’s gotten from his web site and why; the business that he doesn’t get from the web site and why; and the inquiries that he wishes that he didn’t get and how he handles them.
We encourage each of our members to visit the Association web site at http://www.chemconsult.org prior to the meeting. Be certain to check out your own listing and those of our speakers. Each member is encouraged to write comments and suggestions to either J. Stephen Duerr at 103134.1222@compuserve.com or Martin Goffman at mgoffman@goffman.com. Members from out-of-town are particularly encouraged to let us know how the Association web site can help them.
January 27, 1998 Topic: “Consulting and Entrepreneurship”
Dr. Marlow Christensen Assistant Professor, Entrepreneurial Studies
Fairleigh Dickinson University
Dr. Christensen will present and facilitate a discussion of
1) what entrepreneurship and consulting are,
2) their similarities and differences and
3) what it takes to succeed at both.
Dr. Christensen will review entrepreneurship as a new road to success in these turbulent times. He will discuss the psychological characteristics of entrepreneurs, and differentiate between successful and unsuccessful types. He will include a discussion of management practices and the significance of interpersonal relationships between entrepreneurs and those with whom they work. An innovative way for measurement of these management practices will be presented involving feedback methods which interpret entrepreneurial performance.
Dr. Christensen received a B.S. in Psychology from the University of Alberta, an MBA in Entrepreneurship and New Venture Development from the University of Calgary and a Ph.D. in Social Psychology from Brigham Young University. Prior to his university career, he was a successful entrepreneur in the jewelry industry. Dr. Christensen has done research and consulting for the Canadian Association of Business Incubators, the National Entrepreneurship Development Institute, the Utah Department of Education, and the Utah Information Technologies Association. He designed personal coaching programs for Dentrix Inc. as well as an interactive television course: “Entrepreneurship for the Arts, Sciences and Technology.” Dr. Christensen recently facilitated a series of workshops for faculty at the Academy of Management in Moscow, Russia.