2015: Past Meetings


Following is a summary of meetings held in 2015, listed in reverse chronological order.
Wednesday Nov. 18, 2015
Moderator—Dr. John C. Bonacci,
Executive Director, Member & Consultant Agenda Link is Here

Dr. Manuta’s presentation link is here: Independent Chemical Consulting:
The Triumph of Science Over the Bureaucracy
LOCATION: Jacob Javits Center – NYC

Wednesday, Sept 23, 2015
Dinner Meeting
Topic: “Why Global Warming Alarmists Might be Wrong”
    Link to Schauer – Presentation
Speakers: Dr. Richard Schauer
Presentation: For 30 years, global warning alarmists (GWAs) have preached that mankind is threatened by rising temperatures. Newspaper and magazine articles as well as tv and talk radio programs are filled with allegations that continued burning of fossil fuels will significantly increase the concentrations of carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere. Numerous computer models have predicted that the increasing carbon dioxide level will raise air temperatures so much that all of the Arctic, Greenland and Antarctic ice will melt. Coastal cities will be inundated by the rising sea levels. Vast numbers of people will die from excessive heat. More millions of people will die from starvation from famines caused by prolonged droughts. Polar bears will become extinct. The UN and the Obama administration are urging imposition of carbon taxes to reduce fossil fuel use.But, data do not support these predictions. For instance, the total amount of ice at the two poles is almost unchanged since satellites began measurements in 1979. Sea level rise has not accelerated beyond the trend that began at the end of the last Ice Age (12,000 years ago). Polar bear populations are thriving. So, who’s right?This talk will look at climate changes over the last 650,000 years as well the many factors that influence Earth’s temperature. The question whether mankind will face runaway global warming or another ice age will be considered. There will be plenty of food for thought.Biographical Information: Dr. Richard Schauer has worked in the chemical industry and was an employee of two major chemical companies. He has been a consultant and member of ACCCE for many years and has traveled to 45 countries.

PLACE: GRAND SUMMIT HOTEL- Hat Tavern Restaurant, Springfield Ave. near Morris Ave in downtown Summit, NJ.

TIME: 5:00 pm Council Meeting, 6:00 pm Dinner and Presentation.

REGISTRATION: Registration is $35 for members or guests. Please contact Dr. John Bonacci at accce@chemconsult.org or cell (908) 230-8488.

Tuesday May 19, 2015
Dinner Meeting
Topic: Understanding the Universe
   Link to  Eisner-Presentation
Speaker: Dr. Phil Eisner Dr. Eisner is a physicist and former research manager and planner with Exxon Research.  He will trace historic views of the universe and discuss more recent developments. He will describe briefly the early scientific efforts in ancient Greece and the much later work of Galileo, Kepler, and Newton whose theories lasted until the 20th century. Then, in1916, Einstein introduced his theory of General Relativity that thoroughly revised our understanding of cosmology. Hubbell’s discovery of the expansion of the universe and, later, Penzias’ and Wilson’s discovery of cosmic microwave background radiation were shown to be both compatible with Einstein’s equations and the “Big Bang” expansion history of the universe. Today, astronomers, armed with new telescopes (some in outer space like the Hubble telescope) are producing amazing new observations that are rapidly changing again our understanding of the observable universe. However, even though this year is the 100thanniversary of Einstein’s theory, there is no evidence that it is wrong. Indeed, Dr. Eisner will describe the various successful tests of the theory.

PLACE: GRAND SUMMIT HOTEL- Hat Tavern Restaurant, 570 Springfield Ave. near Morris Ave in downtown Summit, NJ

TIME: 5:00 pm Council meeting, 6:00 pm Dinner and Presentation.

REGISTRATION: Registration is $35 per attendee.  Please register by May 16. Please contact Dr. John Bonacci at ACC&CE: email: accce@chemconsult.org, phone: 908-230-8488 or regular mail: P.O. Box 902, Murray Hill, NJ 07974-0902.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015
Dinner Meeting
Joint Meeting with AICHE North Jersey SectionTopic: Grid-Scale Electricity Storage and Dispatch: Carbon Capture with Power Generation.
ACCCE – AIChE – Grid Storage – Presentation
Speakers: Bernard Ennis, P.E. and Jacinta Schultz
Presentation: Bernard Ennis and Jacinta Schultz will describe the requirements and techno-economic issues at play in meeting the challenges presented as increasing amounts of renewable electricity entering the power grid. Grid stability i.e., maintaining voltage and frequency and avoiding blackouts, has emerged as a global issue as the percentage of renewables to the grid from all sources has increased. Wind and solar power systems are being deployed aggressively due to improving economics and public policy. These power sources are intermittent generators and rapid compensating capacity adjustments must be made in real time from other power generators. Electricity storage systems are set to play an essential role.The speakers will present the European and U.S.A. experiences, assess the future risk, review current electricity storage technologies, and propose a novel solution.

Biographical Information: Bernard Ennis, P.E., is President at EGT Enterprises, Inc. of Cedar Grove, New Jersey. He has consulted to industry, attorneys and insurance companies regarding ammonia-urea, ethylene, chlor-alkali, and power generation since 1993. Prior he worked in executive management and technical positions at CB&I, Inc. and KBR, Inc. He earned his B.S. and M.S. in Chemical Engineering at Villanova University. He has authored over 25 chemical technology patents. Member American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Association of Consulting Chemists and Chemical Engineers, Sigma-Xi Research Society of America. ennis@egtgroup.com and www.egtgroup.com Jacinta Schultz is a Senior Process Engineer in the Process Group at Thielsch Engineering, Inc. of Cranston, Rhode Island. She is responsible for process design and project interfaces with clients and other Divisions for all aspects of projects concerned with process and design engineering, and project management services regarding ammonia-urea, methanol, gasification, Fischer Tropsche, power generation, and other chemical processes. She earned her B.S. in Chemical Engineering at the University of Rhode Island and is member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. jschultz@thielsch.com and www.thielsch.com.

PLACE: Campus Center, Faculty and Staff Dining Room, Third Floor.

TIME: 6:00 pm, Registration and Networking, 7:00 pm, Dinner and Presentation.

REGISTRATION: Registration is $25 for members and non-members, retirees $15, complementary for students. Please contact Thomas B. Borne, 908-233-6854, tslbrn@verizon.net, Joseph V. Porcelli, 917-912-9804, jvpii@porcelli.com; or Andy Soos, phone: 908-604-2670. Please register by March 18, if possible.

Tuesday February 17, 2015
Lunch Meeting
Topic: Chemical Reactor Design In Petrochemicals
Speaker: Dr. Vijay Bhise Dr. Bhise has held a number of positions including Director of Catalyst Research, General Manager Ethylene Oxide, Vice-President Technology and Catalyst Operations, Manager Economic Evaluation, etc. His time was spent mainly with the Halcon Group and later with Scientific Design.

PLACE: GRAND SUMMIT HOTEL- Hat Tavern Restaurant, 570 Springfield Ave. near Morris Ave in downtown Summit, NJ.

TIME: 12:00 pm Council meeting, 12:30 pm Lunch, 1:00 pm Presentation.

REGISTRATION: Registration is $30 per attendee.  Please contact Dr. John Bonacci at ACC&CE: email: accce@chemconsult.org, phone: 908-230-8488 or regular mail: P.O. Box 902, Murray Hill, NJ 07974-0902.