2016: Past Meetings

Following is a summary of meetings held in 2016, listed in reverse chronological order.
Tuesday, October 25, 2016
Topic: “Annual Meeting”
Minutes for 2016 Closeout Meeting

Minutes for First 2017 Council Meeting

PLACE: Virtual Meeting.

Monday, April 4, 2016
Topic: “Forensic Chemistry: Dealing with a False Positive in a Drugs of Abuse Case”
Speaker: David M. Manuta, Ph.D., FAIC. Manuta Chemical Consulting, Inc., Waverly, OH; Member & Consultant.

Dr. Manuta’s Current Client-Oriented Activities include:

  • Development of an environmentally friendly fire suppression gel
  • Tire recycling (convert rubber to potentially useful transportation fuels)
  • Advocacy for nuclear industry veterans and surviving spouses (with the US Department of Labor)
  • Expert witnessing/litigation support (e.g., part of team achieving huge restitution payment for a former Defendant who did not commit a crime that had imprisoned him for years)
  • Fire and explosion investigations (many current active cases)
  • Many application oriented assignments

An ex-convict was required by the Colorado Department of Corrections (CDOC) to provide periodic random urine samples. The December 2015 urine sample tested positive for methamphetamine.

The ex-convict had self-medicated for a cold with Sudafed®. The active ingredient in Sudafed® was still in his system when he was tested.

This presentation will review the basic science associated with the ex-convict’s Defense and how the application of the basic science benefited him. The ex-convict became a Defendant who was found not guilty at a hearing. CDOC has Appealed. This basic science is again needed to beat the politics.

Grand Summit Hotel – Red Hat Tavern Restaurant, Summit, NJ.

TIME: 5:00 pm Council Meeting, 6:30 pm Dinner, 7:00 pm Speaker.

REGISTRATION: Dinner cost is $30 per attendee, reservation requested. Please contact Bernie Ennis at 973-239-0404 or 973-239-0456 (Mobile), or at ennis@egtgroup.com