Previous Experience:

Research Chemist, Celanese Corp., 1974-1977; Manager, Process Development, Dart & Kraft, Inc., 1977-1985; Manager, Product Development, Sika Corporation, 1985-1987;

Senior Research Scientist, Union Carbide, 1987-2001.
Project areas managed include syntheses: mono- and di-acrylates and methacrylates, allyl diglycol carbonate, biphenol, PHBA ; product development: HD and VLDPE geomembranes; photocurable solder mask; construction products including sealants, adhesives, admixtures, penetrating sealers, concrete treatments; Hands-on experience with syntheses of stannous octoate, DBTDL, diacetone acrylamide, allyl diglycol carbonate formulations: clear epoxy table finish, UV/EB clear topcoats, paints (focused on waterborne baked enamels), household cleaning products, polyethylene film, polypropylene.

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