Publications & Patents

– IISRP Source Emissions & Popcorn Polymer Committee. Contributor to IISRP Butadiene Popcorn Polymer Resource Handbook.
– IISRP Source Emission Analytical Ad-hoc Committee: “Determination of residual styrene in crumb rubber” by L. Levi, R. Wu, G. Ghebremeskel, C. Leonard, G. Frisone, G. Collins, D. Daugherty and T. Gurley, Houston, TX (1992). 40 CFR 63 Appendix A, EPA Method 312A–Determination of Styrene in Latex Styrene-Butadiene Rubber Through Gas Chromatography (MACT compliance test)
– Process for Producing Hydrogenated Polymers, US Patent #60/317979
– New Guaianolides from Berlandiera pumila and B. texana, and the X-Ray Crystal Structure of Pumilin. JD Korp, I Bernal, NH Fischer, C Leonard, I Lee, N LeVan. J. Heterocyclic Chemistry, 19,181 (1982).
– Innovations in the Production of HNBR, W Belt, O Aagaard, C Leonard, T Tsai and N van der Aar. Rubber Division, American Chemical Society, Cleveland, Ohio, October 16-19, 2001. 123

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