Scope of Activities:

PRAD Technologies specializes in finding solutions to rheological challenges encountered in various particulate/multiphase processes. Services include both routine rheological testing of samples of materials as well as full-fledged R&D projects involving formulation development, product development, and process development.
Appropriate standards are adopted where applicable. Rheological studies provide information such as viscosity, yield stress, time dependence, temperature dependence, stability, normal force, moduli, viscoelasticity, compliance, gel point, scaling factors (fractal dimensions, aspect ratios) of structures (micro-/nano-), glass transition, and more.  State-of-the-art imaging techniques are used for surface/interfacial characterization of dispersions (semisolids, suspensions, emulsions, foams).  Rheological and other characteristics as appropriate are utilized for new material development, materials selection, performance prediction, competitor evaluation, quality control for ‘finger printing’, consistency monitoring, vendor certification, and trouble shooting.
Optimization techniques used include response surface analysis, artificial neural networks, Simplex self-directing EVOP, and linear/dynamic/geometric programming as applicable.
Numerical and statistical computations using state-of-the-art software. Customized short courses and training seminars in the areas of rheology and particulate technology.

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