Co-inventor, one patent on the hydrocyclone as a froth flotation device. The device has a specific capacity 100-300 times (for a specified efficiency) offering enormous cost savings compared to that of conventional flotation cells for coal/mineral beneficiation, newsprint deinking, treatment/recycling of wastes, remediation of contaminated soils, removal of volatile organic compounds from ground waters, clean-up of oil spills, and other applications.
Co-editor/project leader: “Manual of Chemical Technology” published in 4 volumes (2,400 pp) with funding from the Dep’t. of Education, Gov’t. of India. The first volume dealt with general aspects of the process industry, including – materials of construction, utilities, safety, energy, environment, nuclear materials, etc. The other three volumes covered almost the entire spectrum of chemical processes/products – inorganic, natural organic, and synthetic organic.
Excerpts from different journal reviews – “… should be available in several copies on the library shelves of every technical or research institution and every industrial concern in the country …”; “… classics in the field …”; “… a Herculian task …”.
Co-editor/project leader: Proceedings of the Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers Annual Meeting, 1981, published in 4 volumes.
Author/coauthor, textbook chapters – chemical technology: materials for electronics industry, natural and synthetic rubbers, refractories, noise in chemical plants.
Author/coauthor, research publications – particulate/multiphase processes: hydrocyclones –  newtonian/non-Newtonian flow patterns, turbulence effects, size classification, densemedia  separation, froth flotation; electrostatic separations; solid-liquid extraction; gas-solid, solid-solid,  and electrochemical reactions; semifluidized bed reactors.
Author/coauthor, research reports for industrial clientele – particulate/multiphase processes; rheology of powders, semisolids, suspensions, emulsions, foams, aerosols, solutions, melts; a  rotational viscometer for densemedia; a pipeline viscometer for coal slurries; physical desulfurization of fine coal by densemedia  cycloning and in an air-sparged hydrocyclone; sol-gel methods; spray drying; jet-milling; stirred-media milling;  centrifugal air-classification; blending/mixing; high-pressure homogenization; coagulation/flocculation; centrifugation; filtration; granulation; compaction; extrusion; frothflotation; foam fractionation; membrane separation; foaming/defoaming; density separations using magnetic-fluids; microencapsulation; emulsion polymerization; biodegradable polymeric nanomaterials for surgical implants; newsprint deinking; solid  wastes recycling; pipeline transport of slurries; adsorption; water/wastewater treatment; novel applications of gas cyclones, liquid cyclones, and ejectors.
Invited seminars >40 presented to academic and industrial audiences.

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