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Maxima Sciences LLC, Cincinnati OH, 8/2012 – Present, President Eccrine Systems Inc, Cincinnati OH, 01/2016-05/2019, Principal Scientist

Professional Certifications and Licenses:

OSHA – U.S.A. Lead Expert- National Environmental Management Authority, Kenya Member- Environmental Institute of Kenya Certificate- Safety in Chemical Industry


University of Bristol, UK, 1984-1987, BSc (Hons) Chemistry University of Bristol, UK, 1987-1990, PhD Physical Chemistry

Consulting Activities

Consultant to over 12 biodiesel or advanced renewable fuel companies ranging is scale from 1-110 million GPY. Liaison to European technology provider of hydrogenation and other heterogeneous gas, liquid solid reactions. Process and project engineering services to a multinational excipient

Professional Designations

Registered Professional Engineer (CA), License #6597, Chemical Engineer as of December 2012 Certified Mangement Accountant, #54654, Institute of Management Accountants as of August 2017

Publications & Patents:

Eight US patents covering polymer chemistry, emulsifiers, specialty lubricant additives, catalysts and catalysis and ten publications covering fine chemical, multi-step organic and organometallic chemistry toward strategic pharmaceutical intermediate syntheses. US 6,340, 659 B1 January 22, 2002, Jody A. Kocsis, Sheri

Engaged in Consulting Practice Since:


Engaged In Consulting Practice Since:



1. “Review of polymers, substrates and textile surface modification techniques” TLC (Textile Laminations and Coatings) 2012, Valencia Spain, November 2012 2. “Microencapsulation Technology and Applications in Textiles, Coatings & Laminates” – TLC (Textile Laminations and Coatings) 2011, Orlando Florida, November

Consulting Affiliations:

Association of Consulting Chemists & Chemical Engineers, Inc. Chemical Consultants Network