Improved operating efficiency of a waste treatment plant by 40% without any investment.
Established a joint venture in India to produce and market Waterless Hand Cleaner.
Established global leadership by developing strategic alliances in digital imaging for Morgan Adhesives Co. at 50% gross margin.
Selected and executed an exclusive global agreement with a supplier to lower costs by 20% /year for Morgan Adhesives Co.
Improved product development process to reduce time to market to three months from nine months for self-adhesive product line.
Maximized global patent protection and coverage to achieve exclusive relationship with customers.
Coordinated development of proprietary raw material with other operating companies.
Managed worldwide technology transfer for self-adhesives.
Tracked and evaluated self-adhesive and digital imaging technologies and recommended business opportunities.
Conceptualized and directed development of a single ply battery label with “ON” battery tester.
Achieved $700,000 paint inventory reduction by integrated inventory and sales analysis.
Rationalized and reduced Dutch Boy Brands SKU’s by 14% and identified 30% SKU reduction without loss of any business.
Conceived and commercialized a unique “convenience” home repair package for the retail market.
Conducted due diligence to acquire pilot plant for Sherwin Williams.
Devised decentralization plan for corporate and division research and development efforts.
Tested and implemented equipment resulting in 25% lower re-labeling cost and higher quality paints.
Conceptualized and demonstrated continuous paint manufacturing process producing consistent quality paint leading to raw material consolidation and lower cost.
Conceptualized, developed, tested, and implemented a semi-continuous paint manufacturing process that reduced costs 40%.
Conceptualized and commercialized continuous latex emulsion process producing higher quality, lower cost and lower monomer product compared to batch processes.
Conceived technology for continuous production of emulsion latex, alkyd, polyester, epoxy, and phenolic resins. Developed chemistries and demonstrated process feasibility.
Managed program to recycle obsolete paint to new products and other uses.
Conceptualized and demonstrated semi-continuous manufacturing of solvent based paints.
Managed chemical plant profitability from -3.7% to 7% in two years, by improving productivity, and reducing manufacturing costs and inventories.
Coordinated with Sales and Marketing to increase site revenue by $5 million in one year.
Implemented processing changes to double resin capacity and reduced operating time 40% without any investment.
Reduced manufacturing cost of an antioxidant and saved $3.5 million.
Reduced antioxidant cost by 30% and doubled capacity without any capital investment.
Directed start-up of food grade antioxidant plant.
Met 110% of manufacturing plan while operating at 85% of budget.
Established quality circles; increased capacity without capital investment and saved over $500,000 per year.
Increased chemical intermediate capacity by 75% with a $40,000 investment, adding $1 million per year to factory profit.
Introduced operating procedures to improve corrosion inhibitor product quality resulting in doubling business.
Directed and provided support to Manufacturing to reduce cost, improve quality and capacity increase to meet increased market needs.
Directed development and implementation of continuous esterification process for methyl anthranilate.
Developed continuous process for dyes and pigments resulting in 15-25% profitability improvement and process effluent reduction.
Developed and commercialized new custom chemicals.
Developed hydrocarbon emission standards for State of Illinois.
Developed Air pollution permit system for State of Illinois.
Designed ethylene plants for Exxon.
Conceptualized ethylene production from petroleum residue.

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