Scope of Activities:

We provide problem solving that overcomes technical hurdles in all stages of R&D and yields cost reductions or revenue increases. This work is done in the following areas:
We assist, streamline and improve all phases of product development including invention, development, scale-up, validation and transfer to manufacturing. Also in general management including team building and staffing with diverse labor forces, process definition, development and implementation, gap analysis and project portfolio generation, project management and tracking, strategic project or disruptive technology identification.
Expertise in the following technical areas is offered surface and colloid science, absorbency, polymers, fibers/textiles. This expertise has been successfully applied across the following industries personal care, textile, pharmaceutical, contract research, and forest products. The specific problem type that has been solved includes surface modification, solubility, fluid movement, molecular design from structure property relationships adhesion/release, cleaning/soiling, foam/antifoam, solution/emulsion stability, absorbency, printing, wetting, dyeing, textile/fabric processing.
Intellectual Property:
The most successful Intellectual property areas include development and execution of patent strategy and protection of trade secrets, coordination of infringement and right to practice situations, technical due diligence for mergers and acquisitions, fund raising, strategic alliances, joint ventures and developments, as well as expert witness, risk assessment.

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