Scope of Activities

Specializing in research, development and plant design in the fields of chemistry and metallurgy.

Electochemistry and Electrometallurgy: Plating problems of
precious and non-precious metals; alloy plating and diffusion.
Electropolishing and electroforming: Application of photographic techniques to electrolytic processes. Recovery and refining of precious metals and other valuable materials.
Pollution Control: A complete engineering service for development and design of facilities for disposal of noxious liquids and gases.
Application of Metal to Ceramics: Glass to metal seal technology.
Corrosion: Cases; inhibitors; protective coatings; material selection and use.
Metallurgy: Material, process and manufacturing problems. Metallographic examinations. Material application and selection.
Plastics: Application and manufacture of plastic parts. Application of metallic coatings on plastics.

Special process machine and plant design. Technological review and critique. Plant inspection and control. Patent litigation.

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