Typical Assignments:

Since forming JVP International, Inc. in 2001, examples of some recent consulting engagements are: • For underwriters – investigated the cause(s) of a catalytic reactor problem at a plant overseas producing a major petrochemical product. • For a small biomass to chemicals firm – consulted in finding a catalyst testing organization that screens catalysts, investigated types of catalysts to be tested and their likely sources, and reviewed patents for derivatives of the target bio-based product. • For a team of venture investors evaluating a possible investment in a catalyst invention – reviewed the status of research, and evaluated the likelihood of technical and commercial success. • For a startup company developing a novel catalyst for producing a major petrochemical product – reviewed the status of research and recommended the R&D path forward, • For a major U.S. multinational chemical company – served as an expert witness in a supply agreement dispute with a European-based multinational chemical company involving petrochemical intermediates. • Audited status of R&D program and readiness for commercialization of a new process technology, being developed by a major international energy and chemical company, and made recommendations for the completion of development work.. • For an emerging U.S. developer of innovative chemical reactor technology – did process simulations, economic modeling, evaluation of research results and advice on directions for future development and commercialization of a new technology for production of a major petrochemical intermediate. • For a major international chemical company – performed technical audit and evaluation of new technology being developed by a U.S. startup company involving a novel catalyst for the production of a major petrochemical product. • For a foreign developer of biocatalytic processes for the production of major chemical intermediates – performed economic and market studies for several target petrochemicals.

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