Typical Process Involvement

  • Petrochemicals: C2-C4 paraffin dehydrogenation, steam cracking, C2 oxy-dehydrogenation, aromatic alkylation (cumene, ethyl benzene), p-xylene from heavy naphtha, light hydrocarbon partial oxidation (n-butane to maleic anhydride (ALMAR process), natural gas to synthesis gas), ethylene oxide, C4-C5 paraffin isomerization.
  • Refining: hydrocracking & hydro-isomerization (fuels & lube production), reforming, FCC, hydrogenation, residue upgrading, gasoline alkylation (AlkyCleanR Process), C7+ paraffin isomerization, reforming, Claus process and tail gas treatment.
  • Natural Gas: natural gas utilization (chemicals & fuels), upgrading (removal of N2, CO2, H2S, dehydration), adsorption based storage, Claus process and tail gas treatment.
  • Synthetic Fuels & H2: Gas to Liquid (GTL) processes for fuels, lube and chemicals; Fischer-Tropsch (FT) synthesis, syngas & hydrogen production (through catalytic partial oxidation & gasification).
  • Have synthesized & developed many novel catalysts and adsorbents, designed and scale-up novel reactors for petrochemical, oil and gas industries.