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Society Memberships

Society of Vacuum Coaters, 2011-present, Director American Chemical Society, 2012-present, Member

Typical Process Involvement

Petrochemicals: C2-C4 paraffin dehydrogenation, steam cracking, C2 oxy-dehydrogenation, aromatic alkylation (cumene, ethyl benzene), p-xylene from heavy naphtha, light hydrocarbon partial oxidation (n-butane to maleic anhydride (ALMAR process), natural gas to synthesis gas), ethylene oxide, C4-C5 paraffin isomerization. Refining: hydrocracking &


New Hampshire Materials Lab, Somersworth NH, Chemist, Senior Chemist Global Systems Technology, Egg Harbor Township, NJ Trace detection of explosives for airport security Pfizer Central Research, Groton CT, Research Chemist, Liquids Dosage group.

Society Memberships:

American Chemical Society Association of Consulting Chemists and Chemical Engineers (USA) Environmental Institute of Kenya

Areas of Service

Explosion hazards (dusts & flammables)        Electrical area classification Troubleshooting                                                    De-bottle necking -Process optimization Front end studies                                                  Process design Project management                                             Detailed design Dust hazards & Dust Hazard Analysis (DHA)


Process modeling (Aspen Plus, HYSYS, Aspen Custom Modeler, SuperPro ProTreat, Custom process models in Excel, Link programs to Excel via Visual Basic for Applications) Equipment sizing and costing Due diligence Cost accounting Project budgeting Sensitivity analyses Mobile refinery modeling for

Scope of Activities:

Consultation, research, development, synthesis, market research, literature studies, formulation and procedure development, and custom synthesis. Industrial experience includes lubrication additive, lignin and cellulosics polymer, metathesis, pharmaceutical, rubber, plastic and polymer, oil seed, emulsion, and adhesive chemistries. Chemical, physical and test

Publications & Patents:

PUBLICATIONS 1. D. M. Manuta and A. J. Lees, “Photophysics of Metal Carbonyl Complexes. Multiple Emissions from Diimine Tetracarbonyl Complexes of Group 6B Metals in Room Temperature Solution,” Inorg.Chem. (1983) 22, 572. 2. S. Chun, D. M. Manuta and A.

Professional Society:

American Federation of Teachers; New York State United Teachers


Coatings, finishes, paints, adhesives/sealants, inks, organic chemicals/intermediates, monomers, plastics, polymers, radiation (UV/EB) curing/photopolymerization, emulsion/water soluble polymers, specialty chemicals, acrylics, epoxies, urethanes, photoresists and water treatment chemicals.